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The Prayer Tree

 The Prayer Tree 2

Prayer is a conversation with God

(Latin: ‘precari’ ~ To ask earnestly, to beg or entreat)

Often described as a Petition, a Request for assistance.

What do you do if you feel too tired, too weak or too afraid to pray, or if your faith that your prayer will be heard has been lost?
Throughout time spiritual communities have understood that there is strength in numbers.
At such times we can pray for each other.

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How Does It Work?

Prayer operates through connecting to energetic networks of Light.  Angelic consciousness facilitates this process.

The angelic network acts as an Intermediary for mankind, able to intercede on our behalf… but only on request.

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Prayer is central to the work of Rainbow Light Trust, with a global weekly focus through Ribbons of Light.

Daily prayer vigils are held for The Prayer Tree in response to requests for personal help.

Perhaps you are not in need at this time and would like to pray for others.

We invite friends worldwide to join us in this endeavour.

Focus to the image of The Prayer Tree and ask for assistance for all those whose names are upon it.

The Prayer Tree 2

What happens when you place a request on The Prayer Tree?

* The request is added to the collective list.

* Prayers are said daily.

* All requests remain confidential.  Names are not released.

* Contact details are never retained or shared.


How to make a request

All that is required is the name of the person needing help, with their date of birth and a current location if possible.

Please give a brief description of the condition e.g. illness, accident, mental health, transition.

Personal prayers may be requested for people and animals in need.

Two Prayer Leaves

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To Request A Prayer

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We are always pleased to hear of response.


The Emerald Alignment

Throughout the challenges of everyday life and for support in times of difficulty and distress, we recommend using the Emerald Alignment as a self-help technique.  It is a simple, safe and effective method of restoring balance and protecting the energy field.

Please visit:

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Thank you for your prayers for all those held on The Prayer Tree.