Below are additional testimonials from some of the people who have been helped by the Emerald Alignment.  We have included short audio recordings by members of Rainbow Light Trust, who explain why they maintain a daily practice of this energy alignment technique.

“As the months passed it became clearer that doing the Emerald Alignment made the most improvements to how I felt.  I have become a calmer more relaxed person, at work and at home. I listen to my body more and can now tell when something is not quite right, and at that point I do an alignment.  I believe that this maintenance and constant awareness has led me to feel healthier and more positive. ”

Emma, Manchester

“After one session a tenant mentioned to me that he had his best night’s sleep in years. He attributed this to the Emerald Alignment session. I myself was quite cynical about the benefits of this work, but after attending a number of sessions I have been able to recognise the benefits it has had for me.”

John, Manager of Housing Service
for Residents with Mental Issues

“On several occasions, after I have done an alignment people have commented on how cheerful I sound when I answer a call and in turn this makes them act more positively towards me. I also had a [Emerald Alignment] session on the day of an important job interview which helped me focus and stay relaxed and positive rather than nervous and anxious.  I am glad to say I got the job.”

Kate, Trafford

“The[Emerald Alignment] sessions have taught me how to better deal with pressure in my work and personal life and moreover, how to relax in certain difficult situations. I feel that I am able to approach challenging situations with confidence as a result of the alignment training.”

Louisa, Trafford

Member Testimonials

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