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Sandra Lamb: Numerology and Astrology Consultant to Rainbow Light Trust

Childhood psychic experiences led me to seeking an understanding of the spiritual aspect of life and what happens to us in the afterlife, as I then understood it.  It was very apparent to me that there was an afterlife as from the age of five and a half years old I had nightly experiences of something that was beyond what we are told is the normal, physical world.

I was fortunate in that both of my parents were spiritual seekers, each in their own way.  They encouraged me in my own spiritual quest to better understand why we are here and what it is we are here to do.

As part of my spiritual seeking, I was led partly by my own efforts and partly by being helped along the way by friends who brought to my attention books on the subjects of numerology and astrology, which I was eager to know more about. Over the years and with the benefit of personal experience gained by working with the charts of family, friends and also many other people, my interest deepened into wanting to better understand how the invisible, non-physical world manifests into the visible, physical world in which we live.

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A lifetime of study and practical application of the principles of numerology and astrology has led me to my current interest in how our mental and emotional patterns manifest as psychological and physiological conditions. I came to realise that we are the author of our own drama, that if we could recognise and accept that we had written the scrip of our life experiences, then we could work towards amending the script or even writing a new one for a better life experience.

I was in my 30s before I could begin to verbalise the intense and often oppressive experiences I had undergone nightly until the age of 19.  Yet some of these experiences had also been uplifting and reassuring that we are not alone in our plight and that help is always at hand if we have faith and believe in a benevolent, higher, spiritual realm.  I had an inner knowing that during these 13 years I was undergoing an intensive process whereby I was learning something that I would need in order to fulfill my life purpose at a later age.  By the age of nine, I was consciously aware of this process and my childhood experiences now seem to me to be a blessing in disguise.


I have worked in close partnership with Carol Lamb and Jennifer Warters in the Living Memory Research Trust, the purpose of which is to demonstrate the nature of health, disorder and disease and that the keys to overcoming our challenges in life are in our own hands.  Numerology and astrology are the tools that help me in this work.

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