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Self-Help Healing Energies


Self-Help techniques, used for thousands of years
to help maintain good health.

Simple alternatives to over the counter drugs for everyday ailments.

A guide to self-help techniques of acupressure, foot massage and energy alignment.
Investigating the natural medicinal properties of food from the humble potato, onion,
carrot and cabbage, the healers are in our kitchen.






A practical guide to energy alignment and relaxation with an explanation of the transformative effect of this unique aid to health.  Over the past twenty years, the Emerald Alignment has been used by thousands of people of all ages in everyday situations to relieve stress and anxiety, restore sleep patterns and avert panic attacks.  Daily practice balances, aligns and seals the auric field.  The process is described in detail showing how to incorporate alignment into daily practice, to activate the life force and restore balance and harmony to your life.

The Emerald Alignment

*  These self-help techniques, used for thousands of years, will help maintain good health.
Always seek medical advice where symptoms persist.