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Art, Meditation and Healing

Louise Oliver

Louise Oliver is an artist, writer and holistic therapist.

Sapphire Light is a project producing original imagery and text.  Artwork has grown out of a practice of alignment and meditation, encouraging intuitive connection, creative flow and soul healing.

Art and Alignment

The manual Art and Alignment  explores art and creativity in relation to healing and the Journey of the Soul.  My own personal story is included along with those of Nancy Wait and Betty Warters, friends of Rainbow Light Trust.

Creative activity, when aligned with higher awareness, can bring the messages of the soul into physical expression and become a powerful force for healing.

Recovering from serious illness myself has expanded my interest in the role of imagery in healing and the dynamic relationship between consciousness, creativity and health.

Choosing To Live
Listen to a radio interview with Louise, covering topics of childhood perceptions, past life memory and art as the healer.

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