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Louise Oliver

Louise Oliver is an artist, holistic therapist and teacher.

Sapphire Light is a project producing original imagery and offering workshops that combine meditation and artwork to encourage intuitive connection and creative flow.

Here is a radio interview: ‘Choosing To Live‘ covering topics of childhood perceptions, past life memory and art as the healer.

I’m sure that colour, form and light have a profound effect on us, that images play a vital role in healing and that beauty is restorative.  Neural networks in the brain have been shown to respond to harmonic principles.  Research has also confirmed that our immune systems are boosted by the sense of wonder we may experience at the beauty of nature, art and spirituality.  Aristotle said: “The soul never thinks without a picture.” 

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I trained in Fine Art and for many years I worked as a performer, deviser and maker with IOU, a company with an international reputation for visual theatre and innovative arts events.  After experiencing serious illness within my family, I began to study the Human Energy Field and Metaphysics with The Academy of Spiritual Sciences.  It was during a period of acute stress that I first went to meditation classes, which proved to be life-changing and brought me to the work of Carol Lamb and to the Foundation Course.  Through healing and energy alignment, I was led to return to my first love of painting and my pictures have since been shown in Healing Centres and Art Galleries.  I learned to lead meditations and also trained in a range of holistic therapies, including Soul Recall Therapy.   I manage Ribbons of Light  ~ a Global Peace Meditation offering a weekly focus.

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