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Ribbons of Light

Ribbons of Light

G l o b a l   P e a c e   M e d i t a t i o n

A positive flow of energy to assist those in need around the world

An opportunity for people to join together, wherever they may be, to focus a collective energy of Peace through Meditation. 

Please connect during the coming week, in your local time, for a short meditation at any of the hours of  
3, 6, 9 or 12 ~ am or pm.

C U R R E N T   F O C U S

For one week from Tuesday 12th December 2017


On 6th December, President Trump announced that the US now recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and began the process of moving the US embassy there from Tel Aviv.  The status of Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and President Trump’s initiative has been condemned by world leaders.    Although welcomed in some quarters, the move is widely perceived as reckless and provocative and protests have been taking place throughout the region and worldwide.  On Sunday, confrontations between Israeli forces and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza left 157 people injured and at least four Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip since the US declaration.

The international community officially regards East Jerusalem as occupied territory.   Under international law, Israel’s settlement project in East Jerusalem is considered illegal and the status of the city is required to be resolved through peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.  For the past 25 years, the US has served as a mediator in the peace process, which has been described as “all process and no peace”.  Turkey’s President Erdogan has threatened to cut diplomatic ties with Israel and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is scheduled to discuss the issue of Jerusalem in Istanbul on Wednesday this week.  

Asking for peace and justice to prevail in the resolution of the crisis.

Ribbons of Light

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We invite you to join us for this meditation.
Simply close your eyes and join with us in sending 
positive thoughts of Peace and Harmony worldwide.

You may accompany your meditation with The Peace Tones

All life is conscious and interconnected.  In the face of all the troubles in the world, we can each take personal responsibility and connect with one another, wherever we may be, through meditation and prayer.  A body of evidence exists to show that positive thought affects environment.  The effect is magnified when this is done with a collective focus and repeated.  Together, through our positive focus and intent, we can support healing for the environment, for each other and for the life forms of planet earth.

“We can unite in one mind, as citizens of planet earth.”  Masaru Emoto

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Ribbons of Light

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