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Ribbons of Light

Ribbons of Light

G l o b a l   P e a c e   M e d i t a t i o n

A positive flow of energy to assist those in need around the world

An opportunity for people to join together, wherever they may be, to focus a collective energy of Peace through Meditation. 

Please connect during the coming week, in your local time, for a short meditation at any of the hours of  
3, 6, 9 or 12 ~ am or pm.

C U R R E N T   F O C U S

For one week from Tuesday 22nd August 2017

North and South Korea

Every year US and South Korean forces hold joint military drills, described as defensive and as preparations for an attack from North Korea.  North Korea is constantly angered by these exercises and views them as a rehearsal for an invasion.   About 17,500 US troops and 50,000 South Korean troops are involved in the exercises, which began on Monday and will last for about 10 days.   In July, China and Russia proposed a halt on military exercises in exchange for a freeze on missile tests.  North Korea has condemned the drills as pouring “gasoline on fire”.   It has warned of an “uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war”.   North Korea believes that nuclear capabilities are the only deterrent against an outside world seeking to destroy it.   Last week, in what was seen as a de-escalation, leader Kim Jong-un said he would watch US actions before launching missiles towards the US Pacific island of Guam.   North Korea views the US as its main adversary but also has rockets aimed at South Korea and Japan, where thousands of US troops are based.   The current rhetoric and actions of world leaders carry profound global significance.

Asking for dialogue, calm and peaceful solutions to the crisis.

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Ribbons of Light

We invite you to join us for this meditation.
Simply close your eyes and join with us in sending 
positive thoughts of Peace and Harmony worldwide.

You may accompany your meditation with The Peace Tones

All life is conscious and interconnected.  In the face of all the troubles in the world, we can each take personal responsibility and connect with one another, wherever we may be, through meditation and prayer.  A body of evidence exists to show that positive thought affects environment.  The effect is magnified when this is done with a collective focus and repeated.  Together, through our positive focus and intent, we can support healing for the environment, for each other and for the life forms of planet earth.

“We can unite in one mind, as citizens of planet earth.”  Masaru Emoto

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Ribbons of Light

The significance of meditating at the quarters of the clock – 3,  6,  9,  12.00

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