This section of the website is intended primarily for those visitors who wish to gain a deeper understanding of metaphysics and the nature of consciousness.  The content contained within this section has been largely provided by Carol Lamb, author and founder of Rainbow Light Trust.  A decade spent in nursing and social care led to her work as a trauma therapist in the late 1980s, which was soon followed by experiences of direct non local contact.

Understanding the role of memory and the continuity of consciousness has been a lifelong focus for Carol and over the years she has freely shared much of that understanding through her radio broadcasts and blogs.  The links below provide access to these resources, as well as a Question and Answer archive containing responses to questions posed by ‘Paranormal Matters Radio’ listeners.

Paranormal Matters Radio


An extensive archive of broadcasts covering a wide range of topics including psychic phenomena, healing, sacred sciences and spiritual awakening.

Questions and Answers


Answers to questions posed by listeners to the Paranormal Matters Radio broadcasts. 

Rainbow Light Blog


A series of articles by Carol Lamb covering diverse subjects relating to science and spirituality, healing, the human energy field and the nature of consciousness.