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Soul Science and Integrated Medicine

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The human energy field or aura is recognised and validated today by science; it is variously referred to as the electromagnetic or bio plasmic field.  It is a complex network of channels through which the life force flows, though invisible it can be observed clairvoyantly and mapped by technology.

The energy, which sustains the body, flows through this network and is known by many names including chi or prana in the Eastern tradition.  Originating beyond the physical dimension it quickens and enlivens all living things.  Plants, animals and all life streams have their own unique energetic signature.

Light is the source of consciousness

The human organism is light dependent

Consciousness operates through the action of light

The medical and metaphysical views are different

Head and Energy

Medical science is unable to explain or therefore fully accept intuition and views the mechanism of rational thought as a physiological consequence of brain chemistry, the primary messaging system which instructs the body.

In metaphysical terms the origin of human consciousness is perceived as divine and multi faceted, a stepped down frequency through which intuition informs the rational mind.  The sacred sciences teach that an archive of accrued wisdom exists beyond the brain and is accessed in accordance with the capacity of the individual soul to receive.  This higher signalling system is stepped down through the subtle energy anatomy of the intellectual and sensory frequencies and received via the crown chakra. The right hemisphere receives the creative impulse which is then transposed by the left hemisphere as logic and interpreted (or misinterpreted) to decide action in the world of form.

The brain is not the seat of consciousness but more like the hard drive which enables the ‘software’ programme to transcribe commands received by the body systems.  The programme itself is governed by the belief system, now understood as the biology of belief through epigenetics a branch of quantum science.

Power points or chakras provide the interconnection between the subtle fields and the physical body, their chief function being to maintain energetic equilibrium.

MeridiansMeridians are the major energy transport system of the body; connective tissue provides the interface through which they operate.  There are over two thousand points positioned throughout the meridian system, these are used in acupuncture and acupressure to rebalance the body energy.  When the points are stimulated electrically, by touch or heat, brain chemistry is triggered. Connective tissue is one of the primary participants in subtle energy field anatomy; the reason why massage and ‘touch therapies’ are so effective.

Science has now demonstrated that the physical body is comprised of unique molecular crystalline structures which can create, transmit and receive light, facilitating communication at the sub molecular level to and through tissues.  Connective tissue is the most conductive light matrix of the body, maintaining the structural integrity and providing support and protection.

Energy & Cell


Consciousness is light in action.  Light travels via this crystalline matrix within the DNA, producing holographic images within the cells.  These images held within the mental energy field reflect the belief system; the physical matrix mirrors this holographic instruction.  If the belief system is distorted this is mirrored in the cells of the body.  By changing the belief system we change the holographic image which in turn constructs the cells more perfectly.  This is the fundamental principle on which positive affirmations and decrees rest.

Brain DNA Structure


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