Are My Cats Visiting From The Spirit World?


Hello, my question is about the possibility that I am being visited by cats in the spirit world.

I have had two cats for over ten years and am used to them jumping on the bed, sleeping on the bed, and so on.  What concerns me, is that from time to time, I will feel the sensation of one of the cats on the bed, but when I open my eyes, there are no cats there.  And yet I can feel these paws on top of the blanket!  It’s not an unpleasant feeling, but I do wonder…

So, have you ever heard of a situation like this before?  Say, a person who clearly loves cats, drawing spirit cats into her presence?

Thank you for your time. I would be very grateful for any feedback you can offer me!



Hello Caroline,

Carol Lamb is going to answer your question.  In the meantime, I don’t know whether you noticed that we ran a programme called ‘Psychic Animals’ last year which you might want to listen to and we both recounted similar stories.


Follow up answer

 Hello Caroline,

Yes it is certainly possible for cats or other animals to visit, make their presence felt etc.  It is the emotional link which makes the connection.  Animals remain connected to us after leaving the life just as friends and relatives do.  People often describe feeling the ‘weight’ of the animal on the bed, or being aware of the smell of the fur or the breath.  I have had a client who described being visited by her cat shortly after it had passed on: touching her face with a paw on waking. This was the way her cat had woken her each morning in life.  Once she acknowledged the significance it didn’t happen again.  Message received!

I wonder if you have previously had a cat which has passed on?  Or have you ever thought of working with animals?  Sometimes such contact is to awaken us to possibilities.  Thanks for your question.

Carol Lamb