Where Do We Go When We Meditate?



Where do we go when we meditate? I often feel like I’ve gone somewhere else but I’m not sure where.

Thank you.  Julia


Hello Julia, thank you for your question.  There are different stages of meditation and each stage requires practice.  Initially it’s important to reduce the stress we are feeling and to relax our body by sitting still and sitting quietly, although at this stage it may be difficult to stop the feelings swirling around or the chatter of our thoughts.  With practice, however, we may begin to feel that we are in a different state of awareness as we become less conscious of our physical body, as our awareness expands beyond the feelings and the chatter of our thoughts to a higher frequency within the subtle energy bodies of our electromagnetic (auric) field beyond the brain.  This is when we may feel as though we have gone somewhere else, as you say.  Carol Lamb explains this process in an earlier broadcast which focuses on the subject of Meditation.

The Rainbow Light Trust website also has a webpage devoted to meditation.
Best wishes, Jennifer Warters