Do You Believe In ‘Walk Ins’?


Hi, and thank you for your radio shows.  My question is about walk-ins.  Do you believe in them?

I’m inclined to believe in them according to what I’ve read about them.  I also want to mention that over the years several people have asked me if I’m a walk-in.  Sometimes I’ve thought I might have been what they call a “crawl-in” – coming in as a baby.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Thank you in advance, Sara


Hello Sara, ‘Walk ins’ are a complex topic, I have known occasions when another soul personality enters a chosen body and in effect displaces the person, so yes I know it does occur however I do not believe it happens as frequently as many believe or for the same reasons.

There are many other explanations for the experiences described, often these are linked to a spiritual awakening, a Gateway, an opportunity to ‘wake up’.  Such an event occurs at a significant cycle in the ‘person’s life, chosen prior to birth; in effect this is part of the Life Plan and marks a potential change of consciousness.  This frequently coincides with a traumatic event and often a loss of consciousness, one regard to ‘crawl ins’ I believe this is again an attempt to understand different levels of spiritual awareness.  Many ‘old souls’ are coming to the planet at this time, in order to fulfil their spiritual commitments.  They often feel ‘lost’ or ‘different’, far from home and may appear a little ‘other worldly’.  As the life progresses the soul begins to awaken and to learn of its destiny which requires us to live fully in the appointed time and place.  I hope this is helpful.

Carol Lamb