Is The Etheric Plane Related To The Fourth Dimension?


Hello Carol,

Thank you for another fascinating and informative program on Monday.  I was especially intrigued by what you spoke about regarding the etheric level versus the physical level, such as, “the physical is a poor reflection of the etheric,” if I remember correctly. And that the etheric is where we will find our “life plan.”

My question is, is the etheric plane the same, or related to what has been called the Fourth Dimension, meaning dreams and imagination?  Or is it a higher astral plane?  Or would you say it is simply the level of “soul consciousness.”

In the beginning of the program you spoke about “physical manifestation” (of the soul) in the case of Gandhi and Dr. King.  Would this be another way of saying they were “soul-infused personalities”?  And then would it follow that once we have transcended the physical plane in consciousness, then we are able to bring through the higher light of the soul, or the etheric plane?

As beautiful as this earth plane can be, I once had a dream where I was shown another plane that made this one pale in comparison.  As if here in the physical we were only able to see a small portion of the true, divine reality that is.  And that indeed, this was the world of shadows.

Any clarification will be much appreciated.   Thank you ~ Nancy


Hello there, thank you for your questions.

Spirit and matter are both reflections of light which is accelerated at the etheric level, far exceeding the beauties of the material world (as seen in your dream).  The soul takes on a body to reside in the physical providing an opportunity to manifest the Life Plan, the matrix held in the higher plane.  Matter into the denser field.  The light radiates progressively and souls evolve according to their choices, that is why we see the difference in consciousness, conduct and behaviour.  Terminology differs in describing the various levels or realms.  Imagination (Image in Action) comes from the intermediate level where the lower and higher mind (Higher Self) link.  Imagination reflects our level of consciousness, desires or fears, i.e. could be creative images/higher or nightmares/lower.  Intuition is linked to the higher spiritual faculty and may also come to us in the form of dreams or images; this is the soul prompting the lower mind to act.

Ghandi and Dr King are examples of ‘soul infused personalities’ as you say.  At this point the physical plane has not been transcended, both described many times the constant discipline required to BE the expression of love and compassion.  This is a lifelong task.  However with this degree of mastery the soul becomes a beacon of light for others who are magnetized to it and their own journey is enhanced.

Carol Lamb