Problems In The House Reflecting Consciousness


I listened to your recent show in the archive and was interested in your story about the sink blocking and how once you didn’t need a plumber to unblock it but instead sorted out a problem in your life that you knew it was connected to.  Is there anywhere that I could find information relating to different types of problems in a house and what they are related to?  For example, we have needed to replace our washing machine 4 times in the last 5 years which the store tells me is unheard of, so I’d be interested to know what sort of problem in the family might be creating this, whether it’s one specific person or the family as a whole.  FYI we’re a typical family household with myself, my wife and two teenage daughters who all get on well most of the time.



Hello Daniel, thanks for the question:

This is a fascinating subject and due to the interest shown in this show I will be devoting a whole programme to the subject soon with lots of very explicit examples and personal experiences of how this works through the Law of Correspondence.

Regarding your washing machine- The link here is to water (Emotion) and the process of washing clothes (cleansing).  This is usually linked to some underlying emotional issues which are not being fully addressed (hence the repetitive pattern).  This is what causes the disruption to the function of the machine, i.e. the atoms and molecules are disrupted.  If the family dynamics were volatile that would suggest ongoing turmoil, if they appear to be harmonious there is likely to be some subconscious underlying issue perhaps a secret or something related specifically to one person which affects the whole.  Hope you can join us for the show.

Carol Lamb