Understanding Stages Of Awareness


Hello Carol,

Could you tell me – what is the relationship with conscience and the Buddhist concept of pure awareness?  If you lived in full conscious awareness of conscience, would that be Samadhi?  Is also a moment of conscious awareness of the true conscience the same as a moment of enlightenment?

It’s just interesting to me whether what seems like such a remote concept as pure awareness can actually be expressed as something that’s easier to understand, although maybe true conscience would be quite difficult to separate from imposed conscience in most human experience……

Thank you, Paul


Hello Paul, thanks for the question.

It is generally accepted that spiritual enlightenment is achieved through focused intention and disciplined practice.  It is not our natural state (unfortunately) however we can experience flashes of enlightenment through intuition.  Conscience is the first stage of ‘good conduct’ a waking conscious awareness of moral or ethical implications and the preference to do the right thing i.e. the awareness of consequence for yourself and others.  While meditation assists the soul on its journey, Samadhi is the ultimate state of union with the Supreme Consciousness.

In the initial stages of meditation the mind intrudes and distracts.  As the connection deepens worldly thoughts fall away and bodily senses diminish. In the Reflective stage of Pure awareness logical and intellectual abilities becomes silent, beyond judgment.  Subtle thoughts occur without affecting or disturbing equilibrium.  This transient state is not sustained on returning to bodily consciousness.

In the Super reflective stage of Enlightenment not even subtle ideas or thoughts are present, this is the merging with Universal Consciousness –referred to as Bliss.  In this transcendental stage the mind becomes still but does not merge, the person remains conscious, able to observe without attachment and gain insight.  The connection may be sustained for hours or days before returning to bodily consciousness.  Advanced practitioners/gurus may achieve a state of suspended animation where the heart and the breath stop.  On rare occasions there is the ability to return to waking consciousness sustaining the enlightened state; this would be the ultimate stage of Samadhi.  (A rare state achieved by only very few of the most advanced practitioners and gurus.)

Hope you enjoy the broadcasts Paul,

Carol Lamb