Having A Foot In Both Dimensions


The Paranormal Matters show ‘Near Death and ‘Out of Body Experience’ raises lots of questions.  Over thirty years ago I had an out of body experience and did not understand it at the time.  It didn’t frighten me as it left me with a sense of wonder and great comfort.  I had just given birth to my second child and required a blood transfusion.  One minute I was lying in the bed feeling very weak, the next I was floating above my body looking down.  I watched the nurse come to take my blood pressure and run for the ward sister, there was panic.

I felt completely detached and calm.  Then I heard my baby crying and suddenly I felt a tremendous sensation of being pulled backwards.  I was back in my body, the nurses were relieved but I felt a strange mixture of relief at being with my daughter and wanting the other feeling which had given me a peace I had never felt before.  I never told anyone about this for fear of being ridiculed.  Thanks for the opportunity to share it.



That’s an interesting story Freda and perfectly illustrates how at a point of potential transition, the consciousness taps into a re run of the life record imprinted at the Akashic level.  This is a kind of ‘in between state’ where we have a foot in both dimensions.  We then access what might be likened to a home movie, a re run of the current life experiences.  The review is an opportunity for the soul to consider its life choices and the consequences, the response determining the next life/experience in the physical world.  Buddhists refer to this as the ‘bardo state’.  Had the incident proved fatal you would have continued the review in the ‘after life’.  Glad you stayed to help spread the word!

Carol Lamb