Review At Potential Point Of Death


As I was listening to ‘Near Death and ‘Out of Body Experience’ the other night I suddenly heard my name mentioned.  I had forgotten that I’d sent in a question.  The question was about seeing flashbacks of your life at the moment you think you’re going to die.  I had been driving to Cornwall when it started to rain.  It was a celebratory trip in honor of finally passing my driving test. But there were a lot of curves in Dorset.  Curves and hills and wet slippery roads.  I thought I was going too fast so I put my foot on the brake while going around a curve — and lost control of the wheel.  The car began to spin. I thought I was done for.  And then my life started flashing before me on the windshield.  It was like seeing a deck of cards whipping past, each presenting a different scene from my childhood.  The last one I remembered seeing was a picture of my mother with me and my sisters and brothers when we were all very young.  We looked happy.  My mother was wearing a dress I didn’t remember seeing before.  And then the car stopped spinning and came to a halt on the low stone wall bordering the road.  The picture-show stopped too. I was not going to die after all.

This was my only experience with the shock of sudden death–or the possibility of it.  I was 26 at the time, and it was my second experience with forces of the unseen, inner realms.  But it was my first encounter with the knowledge that everything in my entire life in this body, was accessible to me.  This was a completely new kind of awareness.  And though it took a while for the shock to wear off, somehow I knew that when the time was right for me to leave, I would take all the memories with me, of everything I ever was and had been.  It was a soothing thought.  And over the years I have come to see even more clearly, that nothing is ever lost.


That’s an interesting story and perfectly illustrates how at a point of potential transition, the consciousness taps into a re run of the life record imprinted at the Akashic level.  This is a kind of ‘in between state’ where we have a foot in both dimensions.  We then access what might be likened to a home movie, a rerun of the current life experiences.  The review is an opportunity for the soul to consider its life choices and the consequences, the response determining the next life/experience in the physical world.  Buddhists refer to this as the ‘bardo state’.  Had the incident proved fatal you would have continued the review in the ‘after life’.  Glad you stayed to help spread the word!

Carol Lamb