Objects Moving following the passing of a friend


My partner and I recently lost a very dear friend to pneumonia. She was only 27 years old.  There have been a few incidents soon after her passing that I would really like to understand.  She passed away at home having discharged herself from hospital after 5 days with breathing difficulties which resulted in pneumonia.  When she got home she was in bed and refused to take her prescribed medication and died 5 days later.  The coroner’s report said she had 10 cans of cider in her system.

Three days after her death my boyfriend and I were sat on our bed talking about our friend and consoling each other when we heard a load thud coming from our son’s bedroom.  When we went to investigate we saw a large poster had fallen off the wall.  I had lost a hair bobble earlier in the day and I had poured a glass of wine which was downstairs on a shelf.  When we both settled our son and put the poster back we went downstairs and I went to get my wine only to find the hair bobble I’d lost earlier inside the glass of wine.

One month after her funeral my partner and I again were talking about her and a roll of wrapping paper flew off the shelf with some force.

Could you tell me what you think this could be?  Do you think our friend is trying to tell us something?  I feel somewhat distressed and yet at the same time I hope its her trying to communicate.  Really, all I want is to know is, is she happy and at peace.

Thank you,


Hello Joanne, I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, I hope it will be reassuring to you to know that this is a classic case of someone newly departed communicating with loved ones.  There are several aspects of your story which confirm this.  Bonds of affection or deep love connect us to those who have passed on, they remain energetically connected to us as we do to them.  Whenever we think of them or speak about them we create a resonance and may feel their presence, that is why these events occurred when you were speaking of your friend.  She is assuring you that all is well.

When the soul passes from Life it returns to the non-physical dimension but continues as before, retaining memory and continuity of consciousness.  The first task is to review the Life experiences in order to gain an understanding of both errors and achievements.  This is often referred to as the Life Review.  (Near Death Experiences which describe events of the life running like a film are the remembrance of a partial Life Review).  The Review is conducted in stages of days, weeks and months in accordance with cycles in physical terms, this is why the events you describe occurred three days, then one month after her passing.  It is very common for friends and relatives to report a vivid dream or the person coming to visit them, sometimes with a message at the 1st anniversary of the passing.

Cynics scoff at the seemingly mundane reports of contact, objects moved, noises and nonsensical events like the bobble in the wine glass.  The reason is simple, how do you attract the attention of someone who does not believe you are there?  In life you would visit them yet they cannot see you, call their name… yet they cannot hear.  So they resort to moving or placing objects in a manner which cannot be explained.

The passing of someone so young can seem incomprehensible making the loss even harder to bear.  Your friend was obviously in some difficulty prior to her passing and made a conscious choice not to receive the assistance available to her.  While we find it difficult to accept that anyone would choose to leave the life in fact this is a natural occurrence.  Every soul has a Life Plan, a Blueprint for the life to provide the experiences necessary to their growth.  This is a kind of Timeline which includes points of choice, natural exit points at which the soul may pass without obstruction, allowing free choice.  If for example there are many difficulties to overcome and the soul is weary of the struggle or feels they have accomplished everything possible they may choose such an exit point.  This allows for a return to our origin; spirit is immortal and cannot die but seeks a further opportunity to experience life. Death is only a deferment!

Carol Lamb


Hello Carol,

Thank you so much for your reply.  We both took comfort from reading your words.

Just to let you know that something really strange happened last night.  Again my partner and I were sat in bed talking about our friend when our light bulb turned off and on 4 times, my partner said out load to our friend, “Do you love us Katie? ”  (Obviously knowing she does) and it turned off and on again!  On my life I have never experienced anything like that! I cried my eyes out! How strange!  I truly believe she can see we are beginning to accept and feel more at peace with her passing.