Here you can purchase books, manuals and CDs, many of which include free extracts to allow you to sample them prior to placing an order.  You can also view some free videos.

Topics relating to the multi-dimensional nature of consciousness, metaphysics, astrology, cosmology, philosophy, healing and self-help.

Books, manuals and the Helping Hand series have been published by Epiphany Press


Relating to the spiritual origins of mankind, philosophies of East and West, continuity of consciousness, prophecy and prediction, principles of balance and harmony affecting the personal and planetary environment, understanding of the spiritual sciences through an exploration of metaphysics, astrology, numerology and accountability.


Subjects include: holistic health education (previously taught under the Academy of Spiritual Sciences), the human energy field, healing, meditation, self-help, vocal toning, art and music.

Helping Hand Series

Inspirational verse and colour imagery, offering comfort and hope during difficult times.


CD and Audio

Comprising CDs to support meditation practice and  Musical Apothecary Self-Help CD packages.  


Subjects include: meditation, the Emerald Alignment, self-help healing methods and vocal toning.