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 Musical Medicine CD Pack


Since ancient times, music has been regarded as having a therapeutic effect. Research now proves that harmonious music effects a change of mood, instilling positive thoughts and peaceful feelings.

The Musical Medicine package consists of two CDs.  The Emerald Alignment CD is recommended for use as daily holistic medication to align mind, body and spirit. The CD includes a short version of the Emerald Alignment exercise which can be used anywhere and at any time to soothe the mind and emotions whilst strengthening resilience. The CD also contains a longer, twelve minute version which can be incorporated into a daily routine and is particularly helpful where sleep is adversely affected.

Listen to the Music to Still the Mind CD during the day to help calm the emotions by dissolving fear and anxiety. This CD can also be used as part of a meditational practice or as background music during everyday activities to promote healing and relaxation.

Below are sample extracts from two of the ‘Musical Medicine’ tracks.  To play one of the samples, click on the ‘play’ button to the right of the label.

Short Emerald Alignment

Music to Still the Mind

Price: £12 including postage and packaging for UK sales.

Postage and packaging charges for non-UK sales:
Europe: £2
Elsewhere: £3

To order your CD, please email giving your name, address and the order quantity.

Musical Medicine is also available for download from CD Baby

Price: $8