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 Musical Magic CD Pack


‘Musical Magic’ provides a bridge to healing for young children and includes two CDs, one for play during the day and one at night time before sleep.

The day time CD contains well-known nursery rhymes with music and sound effects for shared enjoyment.  Nursery Rhymes provide repetition of sounds and words which stimulate the speech centres of the brain, laying down neurological pathways to encourage clear communication and harmonious interaction.  The musical piece ‘Story Time’ may be played quietly in the background to engage the children in daily activities and to enhance story reading. Positive background music alters the atmosphere in a room, helps calm distress and disturbance, creating a positive environment. It also enhances the imagination, awakening receptive centres in the brain to receive positive stimuli.

The night time CD contains three tracks, one created for 3-6 year olds and one for the 7-9 age group, which are designed to bring comfort in times of worry, sadness and separation by dispelling unhappy thoughts and encouraging peaceful sleep. Each of these tracks includes a simple, safe and effective alignment exercise which is suitable for all young children. There is also a soothing lullaby for babies called ‘Snowflake’ to instil peaceful feelings.

Below are short audio samples of four of the ‘Musical Magic’ tracks.  To play one of the samples, click on the button beneath the label.

Daytime CD
Bedtime CD

Extract from ‘Story Time’
‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’
Extract from ‘Snowflake Lullabye’
Extract from ‘Emerald Alignment for 3-6 years’


Price: £12 including postage and packaging for UK sales.

Postage and packaging charges for non-UK sales:
Europe: £2
Elsewhere: £3

To order your CD, please email giving your name, address and the order quantity.

Musical Magic is also available for download from CD Baby

Digital Download Price: $8