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Lynne KowalskiLynne Kowalski

Since 2002 Rainbow Light Trust has been instrumental in providing me with the spiritual teaching and training of the Journey of the Soul.  I’ve never questioned my spiritual identity but I haven’t been able to join up all the dots!  Through my studies within The Academy of Spiritual Sciences I have gained an understanding through application and most importantly personal experience, which has connected me to my life plan.  I have found a place where I belong because I am connected to a network of like minded people and through this, opportunities have arisen that have enabled me to expand and grow in all aspects of my life.  For this I am truly grateful.

My Story

My career started as a professional dancer and choreographer in contemporary ballet and Jazz.  After retiring from a knee injury I naturally progressed into the fitness industry teaching exercise to music classes.  I moved into Personal Training incorporating Spinal Alignment.  I eventually progressed and became the Leisure Manager at the Midland Hotel Manchester.

In 1998 I became very poorly and was signed off work for six months with stress and anxiety.  At this point, I recognised the need to accept responsibility for my own health – nobody gave me stress; you cannot catch stress!  At that stage in my life, I had a good understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body and how to get the body physically fit through exercise and nutrition; however I recognised that this knowledge in itself could not explain my illness.  I started to wonder if and how other factors could influence my mental, emotional and physical health and so my serious search began.  Interestingly it found me!  A friend introduced me to a meditation class run by the Alchemy Foundation in Manchester where I lived and this was first time I experienced the Emerald Alignment.

I began to practice the Emerald Alignment and started to feel different, I had turned a corner and my health began to restore.  I didn’t attribute my recovery with the alignment practice at first however an intuitive prompt led me to explore new fields of work and in November 1999 I found myself working on the Cruise ships around the Caribbean as a Fitness Director.  It was while I was on board that my life changed, by what I can only describe as a miracle.  I had incorporated the Emerald Alignment as part of my personal training package to all the passengers I taught and many had some amazing experiences.  You can view the experiences on the You Tube clip below.

My contract ended in 2000 but whilst onboard I had been offered a land based job in Miami I was so excited to tell everyone back home about my experiences with the Emerald Alignment and also that I had been offered and accepted the job in Miami Florida.

Whilst home on holiday I attended a one-day seminar at the Alchemy Foundation.  The seminar was given by Carol Lamb, the founder of Rainbow Light Trust and I listened intently to what she was saying.  So many things made sense.  I began to understand (what I had felt intuitively) that I was the cause of my illness and that I was responsible for everything that happens in my life.  There was a sense of relief, reassurance and I made a conscience decision that day that I needed to study metaphysics and understand how my health could be restored through the rebalancing and realignment of the ‘Human Energy Field’.  So I sat in the seminar inspired and motivated whilst in a dilemma as I had a new life waiting for me in Miami!  Needless to say I stayed in England and began my studies.

In 2001 I created the Life Alignment Programme; the Emerald Alignment was core to my work and for 11 years I worked and passed on the Emerald Alignment within the corporate businesses and community sector of Greater Manchester.

Then in 2012 I came to another critical point in my life.  I was diagnosed with a malignant tumour and like many people with a cancer diagnosis my initial response was shock and fear.  The only option offered to me by the medical team was major surgery and all that goes with it, leaving me with life changing outcomes.

Fortunately, I was given the opportunity of working with the Living Memory Research Trust which is the research arm of Rainbow Light and investigates, collates and demonstrates the significance of how our belief systems are directly linked to our cellular body.

I followed the advice and self-help techniques that I was given and within weeks all my physical symptom patterns had disappeared, much to the amazement of my consultant. Regular scans initially revealed that whilst the tumour was not shrinking, it was not getting bigger however in mid-2014 I received the news that it had become larger and potentially more invasive.  I therefore decided to have surgery to remove the tumour.

Whilst this was not the outcome I had hoped for, I was grateful for having had the opportunity to reflect on the root cause of my disease, knowing that EVERYTHING that takes place in my life, including major illness, happens because of my consciousness.

Through the support, strength and healing expertise of the Living Memory team, I received the understanding and tools that I needed.  I know my health is in my hands and I also now know why and how I manifested the tumour.  I have also made fundamental changes to many aspects of my approach to life and am confident that these changes will enable me to remain cancer-free.

Whilst this experience hasn’t been easy, I am grateful beyond words to the Living Memory Trust as I have reached a stage where I have everything I need to move forward and am interested to see what happens in the future!  I am a different person now with a very different perspective and I know and believe that this journey is an awakening to my life plan.

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