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Toning is a powerful and ancient form of healing with the voice.

Vocal toning triggers an actual anatomical process, releasing inner tension and invigorating energetic flow within the physical body. Toning practice has historically been used to restore the body to balance and harmony.

The throat centre relates to self expression, any restriction in the throat will therefore affect the whole body.  Toning allows adjustment and attunement to higher frequencies, clarifying perception, assisting positive choicese effecting change and behaviour.

It provides a means of creative expression, releasing tension and anxiety through simple vocal techniques to create specific sounds.

Daily practice strengthens the voice, stabilises the emotions, clears the mind and connects us to the creative, intuitive aspects of the right brain.

 Rainbow Chakra Tones ebook

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You tube Demonstration of the Rainbow Chakra Toning System


Rainbow Chakra Tones Audio from CD Baby


Positive Health Online – Vocal Toning and Energy Alignment

Positive Health Online – Toning and Energy Alignment to Heal Tinnitus

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Toning Testimonials

‘I have been practising the Rainbow Chakra Tones for over nine years, which is a testament in itself.  The daily sequence of Tones ensure that I am in a positive and healthy state of mind, ready to face the day ahead.  The more I practised this simple process, the more I realised that my general health was improving. I felt more relaxed, my mind seemed less busy and a long term recurring kidney problem went away.  The initial Toning Workshop gave me great insight and optimism to follow a simple self-help path.  I highly recommend the course. T his should be offered within the National Health Service!’

‘Toning has had a profoundly positive impact on my life.  It brought more awareness of speech and therefore enabled clearer communication.  It has been an invaluable tool for self health care, helping to quickly and easily eliminate pain and to aid clarity in decision making.  Animals respond particularly well to Toning and many have been helped through its use to bring reassurance before Veterinary treatments and to aid recovery more quickly. In short I find it priceless!’

‘Toning is powerful, it releases blockages and it energises me.  I’ve integrated toning into my life so much so that I use it daily and almost without thinking about it.’

‘Learning the sequence of Rainbow Chakra Tones had a huge impact on me.  Coming to the classes at a time of great difficulty in my life, I was given tools to take away and use for myself and I noticed changes immediately.  I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to incorporate the system of Toning into my everyday reality!’

‘The Rainbow Chakra Tones have provided me with a structured method of healing that I can practise on a daily basis.  This Toning system has increased my awareness and understanding of chakras and the human energy field.  Toning has strengthened my voice and I am now able to sing!  This system has been very supportive in helping me through life’s challenges as well as improving my confidence to move forward.  I enjoy feeling the vibration through my body as I tone and I always feel energised afterwards.  As a musician, the Rainbow Chakra Tones have helped me to understand more about my work with sound vibration.’

‘Toning has become essential in my life.’

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