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 Holistic Consultancy

Partnered with the Living Memory Research Trust

Tinnitus Clinic

Tinnitus is an internal noise in the head, described as a ringing, scratching or screeching, the effects range from irritation to seriously disabling, often with pronounced depression.  Onset may be gradual or sudden with intermittent or constant disturbance.  Research indicates that tinnitus affects 10% of the population of the United Kingdom and 15% of Americans have tinnitus.  Tinnitus is a stress response and increasingly affects millions across the world.

Cause and Effect

The condition can arise from a wide range of underlying causes and may be triggered by noise pollution, technology, diagnostic scanners, mental stress or emotional conflict.  Always a stress response, tinnitus is a warning sign often linked to unresolved conflict which may be current or deeply buried.  The condition can arise where we are challenged to make life changes.  Clients often describe feeling ‘stuck’, expressed as resistance to making a positive choice to move forward.

Current medical opinion states that there is no known cure and sufferers are advised to learn to live with what is often a crippling disorder.  Medical research using technology to mask the noise has shown limited and variable response.  This approach is simply an attempt to control the noise and cannot heal.


Healing Tinnitus with Sound

‘Sound is the medicine of the future.’  Edgar Cayce

A powerful self-help aid

     Holistic Toning Programme

‘The human voice carries something in its vibration that makes it more powerful than any musical instrument’      Fabien Maman

 If we believe that we are multi dimensional in nature we can more readily accept the need to balance the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical elements which make us human.  Where one or more of these is out of alignment we experience illness in one form or another.

My evidential case studies have shown that tinnitus is often a manifestation of misalignment and stress caused by spiritual conflict (a call from the soul to get back on track).  This holistic self-help approach depends upon client participation in order to restore harmony and equilibrium, by identifying and eliminating causative underlying factors.



The energy alignment process promotes overall health, by boosting the functioning of the immune system.  Through repeated practice of this alignment, light particles are absorbed into the auric field.

Toning with intention causes ripples of focused sound vibration which exercise and strengthen the tiny muscles linking the three ossicles (bones) in the middle ear.  The ossicles need to function harmoniously to equalise any build up of pressure in this area.

Toning triggers an actual anatomical process linked to memory and experience.  Toning opens up the neural pathways, harmonizing the frequencies within the auditory cortex of the brain and reducing or eradicating disturbance.  This in turn allows adjustment and attunement to higher frequencies.  When we tone we release inner tension, strengthening the middle ear muscles and invigorating energetic flow within the physical body.

Toning strengthens the voice and if home practice is sustained and the client begins to address the underlying conflict, the tinnitus disturbance will normally begin to dissipate.  Nutrition may also need to be addressed. The aim is to balance the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects at the energetic level, clarifying perception, illuminating positive choices and changing behaviour

Toning and Alignment Programme

to Heal Tinnitus

Informative Video

Free 10 minute skype link

Explains the programme and answers any questions.


6 Week Programme

Client completes a comprehensive  Tinnitus Assessment sheet

Consultation /Assessment via Skype Link Up

3 Week Preparatory Energy Alignment Practice

Energy Alignment Audio mp3

Relaxes the body,

Clears the mind,

Calms emotions

Boosts the immune system.

Skype Review Link Up

3 Week Structured Self-Help Programme

Combining Energy Alignment and an Alignment Tone

Toning demonstration and instruction

Client completes a weekly Progress Sheet

Monitoring and Counselling Support (via email)

 Consultation: Assessment/Review


For deeper healing, some clients may wish to progress to:


6 Week Self-Help Structured Programme

Combining Energy Alignment and a Transmutation Tone

Skype Link Up

Toning Demonstration and Instruction

Client completes a weekly Progress Sheet

Ongoing monitoring and counselling support (via email)

Skype Consultation: Assessment/Review

Payment Options:

Full programme £150

Two separate payments of £75 for Stage 1 and Stage 2

Additional skype review appointments (45 minutes) are available on request @ £30

        Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation by The Living Memory Research Trust is offered through referral and liaison with the Light Voice Tinnitus Clinic and can include a series of dreams with an email response within 7 days.

There are many schools of thought regarding dream analysis, they include psychotherapeutic and cognitive approaches. The Living Memory Trust explores consciousness from the spiritual perspective, as opposed to the mental, an intuitive approach drawing upon decades of therapeutic practice.

Dreams related to energy field alignment programmes are an indicator of subconscious patterns arising which may relate to unresolved fears or anxiety; they may also indicate access to higher states of consciousness linked to life plan options.  It is important to keep a dream journal and to record the dream on waking along with the date., as this sharpens intuitive faculties. Frequently a sequence of dreams may arise and these should be recorded in the correct order.  Repetitive dreams are significant messages and should not be ignored.

Dream Analysis @ £28

Link to Testimonials


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A Study of Tinnitus Intervention Using an Holistic Alternative Self- Help Approach to Eradicate Tinnitus

 Vocal Toning and Energy Alignment

 Toning and Energy Alignment to Heal Tinnitus

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