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I hope that you will feel inspired and encouraged to explore

your own creative potential as a parent, carer, teacher or health care professional

A wealth of experience gained as a Speech and Language Therapist and generic specialist in a variety of hospital and community settings within the National Health Care Trust in the UK  has informed my client work.  Extensive post graduate training in metaphysics with the Academy of Spiritual Sciences founded by Carol Lamb and personal experience of non local communication has inspired me to develop innovative teaching methods which combine toning,  energy alignment, music and colour.  Evidential case studies underpin a unique holistic approach.  Therapeutic intervention with adults with learning disabilities and children with complex needs is documented in my manuals (see below) and my blogs.

Practical advice is offered to parents, carers, teachers and healthcare professionals who are working individually or in a group setting with either adults or children.

The manuals offer suggestions only.  There are many ways to develop the ideas and integrate them into working practice and daily life to bring colour, joy and fulfillment to those who are struggling to make sense of their world and the people in it.

Online Consultations are offered via  skype £40 (45 minutes)

Free initial Introduction (15 minutes)  prior to booking an appointment


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Rainbow Chakra Tones Manual Rainbow Planetary Tones Manual

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Sensory Rainbow Manual Holistic Counselling Manual Happy Talk Manual