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Jennifer Warters BSc MA IPHM
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My Story

After qualifying in Speech and Language Therapy in the late 1960s , I spent thirty years within a variety of hospital and clinical settings working with adults and children whose communication was severely impaired.  Over a period of time, I became disillusioned with orthodox symptom-focused methods of intervention, which treated the symptom but failed to address the underlying emotions.

For 12 years I was both a short and long term foster parent for the local authority and discovered a lot about the impact of addiction and behaviour problems on the family.  I have always been interested in theatre, creative expression and improvisation and was actively involved in many aspects of theatre for a long period of time.  In the 1990s, I studied Counselling extensively, eventually gaining an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy. From 1990 – 2003, I coordinated and delivered an area wide speech and language therapy service to adults with learning disability and children with special educational needs. Seeking other ways of working with communication impairment, I completed two pieces of research: ‘Creative play and non directive therapy for children with severe impairment’ and ‘The use of music as a healing agent to enhance language development in infants’.

In 1998, on a quest for spiritual answers to unresolved personal difficulties, I met Carol Lamb and addressed my own healing at the Alchemy Foundation and was given answers, new challenges and a spiritual purpose to my life.  This inspired me to train in metaphysics and holistic therapies with the Alchemy and Rainbow Light Trust. This new perspective deepened my understanding of vocal expression and the power of sound and prompted me to leave Speech and Language Therapy and the National Health Service (NHS).  In 2002, I established ‘Light Voice’ a unique Holistic Voice Consultancy offering therapy and training programmes in vibrational healing (vocal toning) and energy alignment.   I am currently researching the link between consciousness, communication, tinnitus and hearing impairment within the Living Memory Research Trust and am responsible for coordinating Academy studies and managing the Quantum Light Training Programme.

I have visited Australia several times to teach and explore.  In 2008, an overland trip through the Simpson Desert to central Australia led me to the Telegraph Station in Alice Springs.  This first first overland telegraph line linking Australia to Great Britain in the 1800s, inspired me to develop an online. Consultancy and a School of the Air.

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Jennifer Warters:

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