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A unique consultancy practice offering an integrated holistic approach
through healing tones, colour and energy field alignment.

Personal Healing : Signature Tones

A sequence of personal signature tones and corresponding colours, combined with energy field alignment ( Emerald  Alignment) is a powerful and effective self-help healing tool. A structured programme of personal tones and energy alignment, attunes and harmonises the vibrational frequencies which connect you to your heart and higher intuitive aspects of consciousness. The toning process balances and aligns the vibrational frequencies within your physical body and your auric field and stimulates your own self-healing mechanism, to reverse the negative spin of affected cells.

Clients with a Diagnosis of Cancer

Together with appropriate medical care, holistic counselling with the Emerald Alignment is the most appropriate holistic treatment and toning could support this programme.  The alignment, if used regularly in disciplined practice by the client, will release toxins from the body.  Energetic alignment will align the affected cells and seal the electromagnetic field.

Combined with energetic alignment , specific tones can be used by the client in disciplined practice to strengthen the voice and accelerate the healing of affected tissue after surgery.  For example, a client who had received surgery for throat cancer, used the throat tone.

 Addictive patterns

Toning is a powerful healing tool to break addictive patterns.  Much is dependent on the willingness, commitment and determination to gain freedom from the addiction.  Progress is dependent on positive intention and the focused use of specific tones,  combined with energy alignment to break the repetitive, addictive cycle of need.

Adults with Learning Disabilities

Toning increases self-empowerment by providing the individual with an enjoyable means of expression when communication is impaired.  Individual Toning Programmes combined with energy alignment, can be integrated into individual Care Plans in Residential Homes to improve all aspects of communication.  Toning stimulates energy flow to restore neurological pathways in the brain.  Toning cleanses and balances the body systems at the sub molecular level, to release stress from the body and anxiety from the mind , to calm the emotions and improve thought and verbal processing.  Toning opens up the connection to higher intuitive faculties where there is no impairment to allow access to untapped potential. 

Research:  A Radical Holistic Approach to Working with adults with Learning Disabilities to Encourage Optimum Potential. Combining the Human Voice (Toning) with Energy Field Alignment to Access Higher Intuitive Pathways Beyond the Cognitive Faculties


In my experience, children of all ages love to tone and if they are unable to make the tones themselves, they enjoy feeling the effects of vocal sound within the body.  Toning recharges and opens the ear to improve listening and helps children to express their feelings through sound.  This process improves sleep and positively impacts on disruptive behaviour at home and at school.

Regular practice of Toning, which is integrated into creative play sessions, improves coordination, thought processing and social interaction.  The positive action of Toning stimulates the flow of subtle energy within the brain, to unblock neurological pathways and restore impairment.

Personal Healing :

Consultations  via skype

Consultancy fee includes :

  • Assessment
  • Initial consultation
  • Sequence of personal signature tones
  • Weekly progress sheet
  • Three week home practice programme .
  • Email support
  • Review

Fee  –  £75

Free initial discussion  (up to 15 minutes)  available via telephone or skype link up

 Advice for parents, carers, teachers and health care professionals

Free initial dicussion  (up to 15 minutes) available via telephone or skype link up

Skype Consultations with documented feedback

Consultancy Fee via skype (one hour)- £60

Contact details

mobile: 07960220120


Following my first post cancer review in January 2016 the medical team were happy with my progress but there was some concern of a possible new polyp forming in my bowel. I attended hospital for a colonoscopy but the procedure proved to be difficult and they were unable to assess it. Following this procedure I  made the decision that I would not undergo any more invasive procedures; even if they had found something I would not undergo any more surgery. I went to see Jennifer and she advised me to practice daily energetic alignment (Emerald Alignment) and a sequence of tones with a specific visualisation which, she said, would dissolve the potential polyp. I practised the tones and visualisation daily as prescribed.  In August 2016 I went for my 6 monthly review and was told that there were no signs of anything in my bowel.  I was elated by the news, as was the stoma nurse!   I had total belief in the tones and in myself so thank you.
Lynne Kowalski ( Halifax )

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