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‘When scientific research, spiritual practice and artistic expression work together, heaven and earth are in resonance.’     Fabien Maman

 Healing with the Voice

Jennifer Warters

Jennifer Warters

My background is in speech and language therapy with extensive experience as a clinician in hospitals, schools and community settings.  As a generic consultant within the National Health Trust for twenty years , I coordinated and delivered an area wide service to adults with learning disabilities and children with complex needs, before becoming disillusioned with the limitations of orthodox practice.

With an MA in counselling within therapeutic practice and a life long interest in drama, story telling and creative expression, I  sought alternative methods of working and left my profession to train in holistic therapies with Carol Lamb   at the Academy of Spiritual Sciences , where I gained an understanding of metaphysics and the first principles of healing. This inspired me to develop innovative ways of addressing communication and hearing impairment.    I  became a member of the guided healing and teaching organisation that Carol had founded and through a direct experience of non local communication, I received a system of eight chakra tones.  Prior to this  profound experience, I had no previous knowledge of toning, a powerful and ancient method of healing with the voice.

This unique method of using the voice was subsequently integrated into my clinical practice , combined with colour and energy field alignment.  Over a two year period, I continued to teach the Rainbow Chakra Toning System to therapists, to enhance their clinical practice and to the general public as a simple and effective method of self-help healing.

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My work with voice has evolved and I have presented at international conferences . I now  run an international  skype consultancy specialising in tinnitus and vocal therapy. In partnership with The Living Memory Research Trust, my current focus  is the link between consciousness, communication and hearing impairment.

Light Voice Consultancy

A unique skype consultancy practice which offers vocal therapy for adults and children through healing tones, colour and energy field alignment.



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Rainbow Chakra Tones

 The Rainbow Chakra Toning System is a self-help method of healing with the voice through the understanding of metaphysical healing and sound vibration.

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International Tinnitus Clinic

The key to successfully eliminating  the tinnitus disturbance, is a willingness to sustain the structured healing programme and a desire to acknowledge, accept and address lifestyle and behaviours which may be  causing the tinnitus to manifest.






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Blogs , teaching manuals and an archive of radio interviews give an account of my unconventional methods and tell of the miracles I have been priveleged to witness in my therapeutic work.


A Radical Approach to Working with Adults with Learning Disabilities

Research Poster Presentation ICNM London June 2017

 Published Tinnitus Research 2016

Positive Health Online – Vocal Toning and Energy Alignment

Positive Health Online – Toning and Energy Alignment to Heal Tinnitus

Teaching Manuals


Jennifer Warters BSc MA IPHM


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