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Joseph_BurnsJoseph Burns

Honorary Member of Rainbow Light Trust

Joseph has worked closely with Carol Lamb from 1991.  A knowledge and interest in cultures and traditions, gained through worldwide travel during his twenty-two years in the Royal Navy has proved invaluable in researching archive material for the Living Memory project.  Joseph maintains ongoing support for the work of the Foundation with a particular focus on meditation.

My Story

I was born in Northern Ireland, the eldest child of a big Catholic family.  It wasn’t an easy life and I left home to join the Navy, signing on in Portsmouth in 1954, shortly before my eighteenth birthday.  I completed twenty-two years of active service and travelled the world.  A highlight for me was the five years I spent on HMS Ark Royal and during this period the ship was given the Freedom of Leeds.  I was privileged to have the responsibility of preparing equipment and organising accommodation for all personnel on this special occasion.

When I left the Navy in 1976, I spent 13 years in Scotland.  Adjusting to civilian life was sometimes a struggle, as I sought employment in a variety of areas before moving to Yorkshire in 1987.  During this time my marriage failed and I began socialising in the local hostelry, where I was introduced to a friend who attended a nearby Spiritualist Church.  I initially went along as an unenthusiastic observer.  However, after a return visit to Ireland to attend a family funeral, I visited the Spiritualist Church again, only this time I received a message from the brother whose funeral I had attended.  I was astounded and this had a profound effect on me, causing me to reconsider my views.  It was at this time that my friend asked if I wanted to attend a Saturday Workshop on Regression.  The date was 1st June 1991.  I hesitated because I had established for myself an enjoyable Saturday routine of shopping, socialising and drinking.  Nevertheless, although I was at first reluctant, I agreed to go, having been reassured that I would have adequate drinking time afterwards.

At this workshop we were given a demonstration of past life therapy by Carol Lamb, the presenter, together with information on the meaning of life and an introduction to the concept of different levels of consciousness.  I was completely overwhelmed by the information given and realised that I was receiving the answers I had been searching for.  I had always felt that there was a power beyond this life but had never delved into it.  This was the first time I had observed a demonstration of therapy, which gave evidence of another existence.  Following this event, miraculous things started to happen and those who had attended this first workshop continued to gather together on a regular basis.  At these meetings we were given a deeper understanding of why certain events were occurring.  Also at that time my health deteriorated and I was having recurrences of an injury I had received in 1964, which interrupted my work.  I felt that I was being prompted to cease my employment, so that I could concentrate on the teaching.  The deterioration in my health eventually led to a triple bypass operation in 2001.

This spiritual group was led by guidance from the outset, with clinics and teaching programmes being established as a result.  As founder members left the group to continue on their path, others arrived to take their place.  I am one of the remaining original founder members who attended that first workshop.  There have been lots of changes in personnel, administration and venues over the years.  Had I not been part of that original organisation, I would have dealt with subsequent difficulties in my life very differently.  My attitude and outlook have completely changed and I manage my emotions in a much better way, in the knowledge that if we do anything wrong, we have to take the consequences.  Attending that first workshop was the best thing I ever did in my life.  Perhaps the biggest thing for me that I can pass on to others is that I am no longer afraid of dying.