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Vibrational Healing Clinic

Harp music and energy alignment to release pain from
cellular memory imprints, cleanse the body and restore health.

Vibrational Healing Body Structures

Beneficial for

Sports Injuries
Repetitive Strain Conditions
Trauma Injury, Whiplash
Muscle and Joint Pain
Mobility Limitation
Unexplained Physical Discomfort

Cellular Memory / Body Memory

CellsScientific research has demonstrated that memory is stored within the body’s cells and may be conscious or subconscious.  In health, the subtle energy flows throughout the chakra system to the cells of the body.  However, following trauma or an accident etc., there is a reduction in this energetic flow, leading to an imbalance, which can surface as localised pain or discomfort.

Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is linked to motor learning and is a form of procedural memory, with tasks remembered through repetition.  The muscles remember the sequences of repetitive movements, enabling the person to repeat actions without having to mentally think about them.  For example: walking, driving, dancing and touch typing, which all depend upon muscle memory.

Healing Music

Pythagoras, the 6th century BC Greek philosopher, believed that music, when used properly, greatly contributed to health and that dissonant sound detrimentally affected all life.  He prescribed different pieces of music, known as Musical Medicine, for patients as remedies for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments.  Through music, Pythagoras transmuted imprints from negative experiences to restore health and is quoted as saying: “Music heals”.

The harp has been used as a healing tool since ancient times.  Modern studies by harp therapy graduates have shown that clients experience less fear and anxiety after harp therapy, which does not have the side effects that can occur from taking prescribed drugs.  Patients have also been able to reduce their pain relieving medication as a result of harp therapy.

Vibrational Healing with intuitively received harp music and energy alignment releases pain and discomfort to restore energetic flow within the body’s cells to positive health.  This therapy relaxes the mind and painlessly releases imprints of negative experience.

What will happen at my appointment?

Prior to your appointment, you will complete an assessment via email.  At the appointment, a brief update on presenting symptoms is taken, this is followed by a relaxing period on the therapy bed, led by a guided visualisation.  The harp is then played intuitively.  The music received relates uniquely to you and to your condition at the time.  At key points there is fast strumming, which has the effect of a body scrub of the cells.  This is in no way unpleasant and is often described as invigorating.  The vibration cleanses the body at a deep cellular level, clears the mind, releases emotional worry and reduces physical discomfort.  Sessions close with an Emerald Alignment to align, seal and protect the human energy field.

Booking an Appointment

1 Hour: £40

Location: Food Therapy, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK (view map)

Contact Rebecca Penkett:

Telephone: 07976 834301


“I was so relaxed, there was no tension in my body – I’m always aware of tension when I’m awake.”

“The harp was like a constant soother, which made it more pleasurable, helped me to focus and took me to a different level.  Throughout the experience, I felt safe hearing the harp.”

“The body pains from my activity weekend completely went after my previous healing session.”

“The fast strumming felt like a body scrub of my cells, it was a pleasant feeling.”

“I felt very relaxed.  It felt like the music was washing through me.”

“The harp helped to empty my mind and I had a lovely feeling of peace.”

“I just quietly drifted away and it sounded like the harp was talking to me.  The pain has now gone from my toes.”

“The harp is like an external heart beat rhythm.”

Case Study Blog: Cellular Memory Release through Vibrational Healing with the Harp

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