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There are various understandings of what meditation is and also many different methods of practice. The first step is a willingness to stop in the midst of all of our busyness, to relax and become still. This is a bigger challenge than it sounds!  Rainbow Light Trust teaches a simple and accessible method of meditation, incorporating the Emerald Alignment.  We offer talks and meditations, including harp meditations to interested groups.


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Meditation ~ Beyond the Body and the Mind

* Perspectives – East and West
* Achieving Stillness and Peace
* Transcending Time and Place


The Key to Harmony and Creative Flow in Life.

Releasing tension encourages the activating life force to flow throughout the energy systems.  When we take time to turn away from the outside world and go inwards, we may connect with silence and bring greater peace and calm to everyday life.  This transformative experience brings greater balance to body, emotions, mind and spirit.  As we become more receptive to higher vibrations and experience more harmony ourselves, we are able to have a more positive influence on the world around us.

An Introduction To Meditation

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Meditation CD on CD Baby

Meditation CD

Rainbow Light Trust Meditation is guided with words and music and offers a simple, safe and effective method of meditation to bring calm to everyday life.  The Meditation is accompanied by the Peace Tones, which lift the listener to a higher vibration, helping to restore harmony and peace. The Emerald Alignment brings the Energy Field into balance and alignment at the end of the meditation.  The Peace Tones can be enjoyed without words on a separate track.

Rainbow Light Trust Meditation on You Tube

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A place of rest and recuperation to regenerate body and mind.  Here you can lay down your burdens for a short while.  Experience the Emerald Alignment and allow yourself to be bathed in a meditation with music from the harp.   The Oasis of Light brings a moment of peace and calm.

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Meditation Manual


An illustrated manual 
describing a simple method of meditation, incorporating the Emerald Alignment. This practical guide investigates what happens when we meditate and reveals the many benefits.  The Emerald Alignment process is described in detail and the reader is shown how to incorporate the Emerald Alignment into meditation practice, restoring balance and harmony.  The manual includes a section on Personal and Planetary Meditation, showing how we are able to support healing for the environment, life forms and people of Earth.

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Ribbons of Light

Ribbons of Light

Connect with Ribbons of Light, Global Peace Meditation.
A focus is posted weekly.

A positive flow of energy to assist those in need around the world.

Together, through our positive focus and intent, we can support healing for the environment,
for each other and for the life forms of planet earth.

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Meditation Blogs

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