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Nature is the interface between humanity and the natural world.

Science now recognises that the earth has energy lines called meridians, which mirror our own; the primary energy source for ourselves and the planet.  When we accept this we can see the importance of being in harmony with the earth and everything on it because everything has consciousness and is interconnected.

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We now live in a world where technology increasingly takes us further away from the environment with many of us failing to use it wisely or moderately.  This has become particularly true for young people, even very young children who often spend too much time glued to computers or texting on cell phones.  While social media has much to offer, excessive use of technology can lead to isolation, lack of exercise and a lack of awareness and consideration, for ourselves, our environment and those around us.

Latest research shows that technology can have a negative impact upon children’s hearing and their ability to tune into the higher frequencies found in nature, like bird song.  We also know that spending time in nature improves sensitivity, hearing and our sense of smell.  We feel more connected and more creative and this has a positive effect on our relationships with others.

Why should we Encourage Children to Reconnect to Nature?

Nature demonstrates that everything works together towards the greater good; it is a vast community in itself, fascinating and full of wonder.  By immersing ourselves in nature we begin to care for something other than ourselves, to see that the cycle of human life is reflected in nature and to feel connected again – part of the whole.

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An example of this is growing our own food.  When children learn to grow food they want to eat it and begin to be adventurous trying new tastes and experimenting with cooking their produce.  This in itself leads to improved health, creativity, kindness and respect; it builds confidence and self-worth and gives a sense of purpose and teaches children that ‘Mother’ Earth provides the food for our table.

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‘At School in the Woods’

Nature and Technology Join Hands

Chest cameras record a day in the woods for 4 and 5 year olds

School in the Woods


“Man’s heart, away from nature becomes hard.
The lack of respect for growing living things soon leads to the lack of respect for humans.”
Chief Standing Bear

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