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Sensory Rainbow Manual

By Jennifer Warters

Sensory Rainbow deepens an understanding of communication and behaviour and demonstrates how to use colour, sound, fragrance and touch to restore impairment, strengthen the immune system and improve communication.  Dynamic possibilities for healing are created through an understanding of energy flow.

Simplicity is the key to communication at all levels.

  • Documented research of holistic intervention with adults and children with impaired communication and/or behaviour difficulties.
  • Offering an understanding of the human energy field and its impact on thoughts and emotional responses.
  • Deepening an understanding of communication and behaviour.
  • Heightening sensory awareness .
  • Offering creative ideas to provide an adult or child with impaired communication a means for expression and release through simple, safe and effective means.
  • Developing skills and techniques through voice, music, colour, fragrance and sound.
  • Inspiring parents and teachers to follow their own intuition in developing the guidelines presented so that they can adapt them to improve health and communication.

To buy the Sensory Rainbow Manual, follow the link below

Full Colour Illustration ebook – $12

You may also download a free sample of the manual by using this link


“I first came across the material of the Sensory Rainbow manual a few years ago when my husband and I ran a small music and movement class for children with special needs. This was when I realised that the information and creative ideas really supported the children’s communication and social inclusion.  I now work in a children’s hospice on the care team and never a day goes by when I don’t draw on the practical application and use of colour, sound, movement and sensory ideas from Jennifer Warters body of work.  I highly recommend this manual if you work with children not only those with learning or special needs but every child.”

Lynne Kowalski