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Rainbow Planetary Tones Manual

By Jennifer Warters

Ancient people recognised that focused toning of specific frequencies would alter mood and behaviour.  Some tones were for healing, some inspired courage in battle.  Choral toning of these vibrational frequencies, enhanced by the harmonics, in the resonating stone chambers built by ancient peoples, served a specific purpose in their rites and rituals.

The resonating chambers at sacred sites, harmonised with the resonating frequency of both the Earth and the Universe, holding them together like a ‘sonic glue’.  By toning in unison to create harmonics in these purpose-built chambers, the ancients induced altered states of consciousness, which facilitated levitation in their initiation ceremonies.

If we sustain a disciplined spiritual practice by aligning through sound, we can aspire to rise above the lower mind (the intellect) to access the creative intuitive aspects of the right brain.  We may then begin to experience a feeling of harmonious connection, which sits within the all-knowing wisdom of the higher frequencies, which through ‘downward causation’ are stepped down to the lower frequencies of our auric field and the denser frequency of our physical bodies from a primary pure source of energy.  In this way, we will be at one with this ancient wisdom.  We don’t have to theorise to know how it works, we just have to experience it and feel it, to understand.

The Planetary Tones Manual offers a system of seven Rainbow Planetary Tones, which correspond to the strata of the Earth.  Through disciplined practice, the sequence of seven tones begin to open and clear the channels linking our physical body to the vibrating energy from the corresponding forces flowing to us from the natural environment and the Universe.  This will enable us to feel more at one with nature and our surroundings.

Many today are unwilling to rise above the lower mind in a quest for knowledge and information, which has its place but it is mental application of the lower mind, it is not wisdom and will not open our creative intuitive pathways.


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