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Rainbow Chakra Tones Manual

By Jennifer Warters

Rainbow-Chakra-Tones-CoverVocal Toning is a powerful and ancient form of healing with the voice.  It provides a means of creative expression, releasing tension and anxiety through simple vocal techniques to create specific sounds.  Daily practice strengthens the voice, stabilises the emotions, clears the mind and connects us to the creative, intuitive aspects of the right brain.

If we accept that harmonious sound positively influences health and well being, we can begin to harness it as a powerful creative force with which to transform our lives.   Our voice encapsulates our identity and emotional state and is a powerful instrument of healing and communication.

Toning has historically been used to restore the body to balance and harmony.  The action of toning releases emotion from the body and anxiety from the mind as it cleanses and balances theelectromagnetic field (auric field) which surrounds the physical body.

The Light Voice Rainbow Chakra toning system introduces a unique system of eight vocal tones.  Each tone resonates with a specific chakra (energy centre) and corresponds to a specific anatomical area of the body.

Sound can be translated into colour and the vibration of each vocal tone resonates with the corresponding vibration of  colour on the rainbow spectrum.  Vocal sound sends acoustic stimulation to every part of the body triggering dynamic possibilities for healing.  These simple vocal techniques create specific sounds and daily practice of the chakra toning alignment, strengthens the voice, stabilises the emotions, clears the mind and facilitates connection to the creative, intuitive aspects of the right brain.

In preparation for toning, a specific breathing technique  enables the lungs to fill to their full capacity.  This provides a cushion of air which supports the voice during the toning process.

Most of us carry tension in our jaw and the facial exercises within the manual relax the jaw and the facial muscles to allow the mouth to open with ease to release the sound.

To buy the Rainbow Chakra Tones Manual, follow the link below

Full Colour Illustration ebook – $12

You may also download a free sample of the manual by using the link above

Youtube Introduction to the Rainbow Chakra Toning System


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Rainbow Chakra Tones

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