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Emerald Alignment Meditation Manual

By Louise Oliver


Emerald Alignment Meditation is a simple and accessible method of meditation, enabling us to connect to higher consciousness and to align the subtle energy of the body through the emerald ray.   

The manual is a practical guide, investigating what happens when we meditate and revealing the many benefits.  The Emerald Alignment process itself is described in detail and the reader is shown how to incorporate the Emerald Alignment into meditation practice, restoring balance and harmony.  The activating life force is encouraged to flow uninterrupted throughout the energy systems, rebalancing body, emotions, mind and spirit.

As we begin to transform ourselves, we can influence the world around us more positively.  The manual also provides a series of focus Meditations on Nature and includes a section on Personal and Planetary Meditation, showing how we are able to support healing for the environment and the life forms which share planet Earth.

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