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Happy Talk Manual

By Jennifer Warters

‘Happy Talk’ illustrates another way of working with children with special needs to improve communication and behaviour.  There are lots of useful tips and common sense guidelines.  The manual will interest parents, teachers and health care professionals.

Jennifer offers a holistic approach, which improves communication, restores confidence and increases the child’s ability to socialise.  Equal credence is given to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth of the child with a focus on creative play to integrate positive feelings and new patterns of relating.

A structured environment with clear boundaries and an understanding of the consequence of action nurtures respect, enabling the child to develop personal responsibility for their own behaviour.

An understanding of the power of words and clear communication improves the vocabulary and develops confidence in expression and interaction.

A connection to nature instils a sense of belonging and wellbeing while opportunities for creative play using colour and music and storytelling help to develop imagination and intuition.

The book provides evidential stories of Jennifer’s work with children in England and Ireland to demonstrate the application of suggestions.

To buy the Happy Talk Manual, follow the link below

Full Colour Illustration ebook – $12

You may also download a free sample of the manual by using this link