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Born Remembering

By Carol Lamb



This is the story of the journey of the soul, the continuity of consciousness beyond the body and most of all, remembering.  A healer’s paranormal experience of retained soul memory of other lives, of premonition and pre-cognition, never discussed until a predestined meeting forty years later triggered a tsunami of events.  The book is an investigation into paranormal experience, memory of other lives and angelic connection.  A true account of spontaneous soul recognition of shared lives, initially experienced by an unsuspecting group who came together in 1991 to become the storytellers from the past.

Born Remembering documents the benevolent communication of Ascended Masters guiding planetary evolution, as we face the challenges of the transition to a new Age of consciousness. Direct channelled communication and the step by step fulfillment of prophetic guidance indicated predestination.  The unfolding of a divine blueprint revealed a Life Plan and shared purpose along with a request to:

Tell them … You come to the Earth of learning … you learn or fail to learn …you return and return again to the vain forgetting and the endless remembering of home.’

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Born Remembering Chapter 23

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