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Welcome to Epiphany Press

A ‘not for profit’ specialist publishing company

Did you ever ask the question – “Why are we here?”

Epiphany Press is a ‘not for profit’ specialist publishing company.
Our focus is the multi-dimensional nature of consciousness.

Epiphany Press publishes books, ebooks and manuals for
The Academy of Spiritual Sciences.

Our catalogue of books, manuals and research articles
include core topics of special interest – 
metaphysics, healing, astrology, ecology, cosmology and philosophy.

Our Aim

To promote peace initiatives through the resolution of conflict by exploring
spiritual origins of mankind and the complementary philosophies of
East and West.

To provide holistic health education publications based upon the scientific
principles governing the human energy field.

To encourage greater awareness of the principles of balance and harmony
affecting the personal and planetary environment.

To restore an understanding of the spiritual sciences through an exploration
of metaphysics, astrology, numerology and accountability.