Our physical body is enveloped in a force field of electromagnetic energy which flows in, through and around our body.  This Human Energy Field, or aura, has been recognised since the earliest times and ancient Chinese healing techniques such as acupuncture are based upon an understanding of this subtle energy system.


The Emerald Alignment is a process which anyone can use to restore balance and alignment to their energy field.  This process, which is described below, improves the flow of energy within the electromagnetic field which helps to enhance health and vitality.  The Emerald Alignment also includes a technique for sealing the energy field, preventing the energetic flow and alignment from becoming disrupted when faced with the challenges and stresses of everyday life.

Here is a small sample of some of the feedback received from people who have used the Emerald Alignment.

“Having suffered with epilepsy for many years, I was constantly having panic attacks, particularly when in social situations, in crowds, on public transport etc.  Dizzy spells were also commonplace……Since attending the [Emerald Alignment] sessions I haven’t looked back!  I am no longer taking my epilepsy drugs (via Neurologist advice), I no longer allow myself to get stressed unnecessarily and if I do feel any anxiety coming on, I know how to deal with it through the Emerald Alignment.”

Jane, Manchester

“The Emerald Alignment has helped me to cultivate a clearer and more positive mind thought process as well as allowing me to develop new methods of stress control, overall the Emerald Alignment process has been of great benefit to my family and myself.  My wife commented on how relaxed and confident I had become.”

Justin, Denton

“The Emerald Alignment has improved my relationships with those around me beyond measure.  I am now able to remain calm during arguments or moments of conflict/tension, and can state my point of view without criticising the other person.  My partner and my mother have both noticed that I am a lot calmer and much less tense than I used to be.”

Laura, Chorlton

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The Emerald Alignment

Press the ‘Play’ button below and close your eyes.  You will be guided through a short Emerald Alignment exercise which lasts just over four minutes.  If you are having difficulty visualising the process, the sequence of images shown will be helpful.

‘Play’ Button :


The Emerald Alignment

This self-help technique has been used by people of all ages over many years.
Always seek medical advice where symptoms persist.

An Emerald Alignment CD is included in the Musical Medicine audio package and can also be purchased as an audio download.


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