Oasis offers listeners a place of rest and recuperation, to regenerate body and mind.  Here you can pause for a few moments of peace and calm and lay down your burdens for a short while.  Listeners are guided through a four-minute Emerald Alignment, followed by a harp meditation.    The Emerald Alignment is a practical, self-help method of energy field alignment, which can be used by people of all ages for healing, sealing and protecting the auric field.

The word ‘oasis’ is of Egyptian origin, meaning a fertile area in a desert where water is found.  The word is also used to mean a peaceful area in the midst of a hectic place or a calm and restful period in the middle of a frantic situation.  Oasis is intended to serve as just such a refuge and a time of tranquillity in our busy lives, where we can re-balance and reconnect to harmony.

The Emerald Alignment is a core aspect of the work of Rainbow Light Trust, an organisation founded by Carol Lamb   It is a safe and effective way of aligning, balancing and protecting the energy field.  When we engage with this simple exercise, we are allowing a real and transformative process to take place.  During the Emerald Alignment exercise the misaligned atoms and molecules of the lower body are brought into line with a higher vibratory rate.

Come to Oasis to experience the Emerald Alignment and allow yourself to be bathed in a healing meditation, with soothing music from the harp.  Rainbow Light Trust member Rebecca Penkett plays intuitively on the harp and Louise Oliver leads the meditation.

We look forward to meeting you there!
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