Personal and Planetary

Global Community
”We can unite in one mind, as citizens of planet earth.”
Masuru Emoto

Alignment is key to the work of Rainbow Light Trust and so is meditation.  We offer a simple and accessible method of meditation, enabling us to release anxiety and connect to positive flow. Our meditations are always completed with an Emerald Alignment, bringing the whole energy field into balance.

It is now widely understood that meditation is beneficial to an individual’s health and well being.  Regular practice is reported to alleviate a range of stress-related illnesses and to improve such things as sleep patterns and immune function.  When we take personal responsibility and develop the willingness to transform our own energy, we begin to restore inner peace.  This is key to creating a more peaceful world.  As we bring greater harmony to our physical, emotional, mental and intuitive selves, we improve our interactions with others and the environment.  So the benefits of meditation are felt beyond our personal lives, as positive energy ripples out, subtly and powerfully affecting the wider world.

Further to this, through collective meditation, we can each participate in aligning the global energy to peace.  Positive thought affects the environment and the effect is magnified when this is done with a collective focus and repeated.  Our meditation practice takes on a profound significance when countless individuals come together to help restore the proper functioning of the whole.

Rainbow Light Trust offers two projects, Ribbons of Light and The Prayer Tree, which enable people to join with a global community, addressing itself to healing and positive change.



Ribbons of Light provides a weekly focus upon a specific place and people of our shared planet, asking for assistance for those in need.  By connecting and meditating briefly at certain times of the day, we send waves of positive energy around the globe.  In this way, wherever we may be in the world, we can join together in meditation, with positive focus and intent, to support healing for the people and the life forms of the Earth.

The Prayer Tree

The Prayer Tree is a place where we can request prayers for individuals.  By focusing to the image of The Prayer Tree, we may join in offering our prayers to assist those in need.  Prayer operates through connecting us to energetic networks of Light and angelic consciousness facilitates the process.

The angelic network is able to act as an intermediary for mankind, yet we are required to ask for assistance.  Once we request help, angels may intercede on our behalf.  Rainbow Light Trust holds daily prayer vigils for The Prayer Tree and all are invited to join us.

Global Community

We are living in extraordinary times, in the transition between major cycles and both the challenges and the opportunities are very great.  In the midst of all the turbulence, we can each make a vital contribution.  We can choose to participate in creating a shift in the collective consciousness.  Incorporating meditation into our everyday life encourages calm in the face of life’s challenges.  We develop and strengthen our reserves of energy and are increasingly able to connect to our creative potential.

We can enjoy attending to both the personal and the planetary endeavours.  Collectively focusing an intention of peace for the earth and healing for our fellow beings provides a sense of purpose. Connecting with one another in meditation and prayer brings a feeling of belonging and enables us to participate in bringing light to the darkness.  Let’s join together now as part of a Global Community and play our part in making a positive difference!

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