Colour my Life: Spending time with Leonard and Ron

I had been called to a communal residential home because Leonard, one of the older residents ( a man in his fifties)  who had a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder, was irritating and annoying the other residents by making ‘strange noises’ when they were trying to watch their favourite television programmes. I had arranged a visit in order to observe the reported behaviour and realised that Leonard was choosing to make his deep growling sounds when there was a ‘full house’ as residents gathered to watch their television ‘soaps’. The sounds he was making closely resembled the base tones and the deep Tibetan tone used in meditational practice.  On a later occasion when Leonard and I were alone, he again made his sounds and was astonished and amused when I repeated his tones back to him. We then engaged in a strange and sonorous toning dialogue. I always carried with me a bag of rainbow coloured material and I decided to brighten  the room we were in with a swathe of vibrant red silk to correspond with the colour of the base chakra in health.

Arrangements were made for me to visit Leonard weekly for six sessions, to explore the cause of his behaviour and to advise care staff on the best way to encourage appropriate communication. I was eager to find out why he was making these particular sounds and wanted to help him release any pain from past experience . The deep base chakra tone resonates with the lower bowel and releases deeply held emotion and this chakra governs the kidneys and adrenal glands.

During my visits to see Leonard, I also noticed Ron, a man in his sixties,  peering through the glass partition of the door and laughing at the sounds we were making, while pointing excitedly at the rainbow coloured silks I was using.  Having seen this behaviour, however, a support worker would chastise him for interrupting  the session and endeavour to distract him and lead him away from the door.

On subsequent visits to the house, Ron would be waiting for me in the shadow of the hall and would take up his position on the other side of the door of the room in which Leonard and I were working. On one occasion he was brave enough to open the door and peer into the room before he was again removed. I offered to include him in the sessions but his support workers were reluctant to agree because Leonard was enjoying thimself and they did not want to impede his progress.

My experience  has proved to me that communicating via the creative intuitive aspects of the right brain and bringing sound and colour into focus, transmits pulses of healing light to restore the impaired verbal processing areas of the left brain hemisphere.  My belief that creative opportunities help adults and children to tap into their own self-healing mechanism, is based on many years of working with chakra tones, swathes of material that correspond to the vibration of rainbow colours on the light spectrum and selections of music from different genres.   This was again reinforced when Leonard began to interact and socialise for the first time with his carers and other residents through words and touch and it opened up  a whole new colourful world of opportunity and activities for him.

On one particular afternoon I arrived as usual for our weekly appointment and Ron opened the door for me beaming from ear to ear.  A support worker appeared behind him and apologetically told me that Leonard was out on a visit and had not returned.  Rather than leave, I offered to spend some time with Ron who could not believe his good fortune as he ran laughing in front of me into the room, throwing his arms up in the air with delight.  Hurriedly, without invitation he unpacked my bag of material, selected a swathe of purple silk and wrapped it around his head like a turban. Ron then proceeded to take out each swathe of coloured material in turn and carefully spread the cloth over the table, smoothing out the creases with his hands. 

It was as though we were at an Arabian bazaar and he was displaying his wares. Ron was completely engrossed in the activity, unaware that he was painlessly releasing imprinted memory from a past life experience and happily oblivious of the healing he was receiving from each vocal tone that corresponded to a specific chakra (energy centre) and from the healing vibration of the specific colour he was selecting .  Ron imitated the tones and through this activity sent ripples of healing vibration through his body which began a process of releasing tension and restoring homeostasis.

Following Ron’s lead, I joined him in his play, as he enthusiastically threw the coloured material in the air and watched the colours billowing and unfurling as they floated to the ground.  I had a sense of Ron as a magician confidently producing bouquets of brightly coloured flowers at will.  I needed no prompting to step into the role of ‘glamorous assistant’ and presented his performance and each ascent of coloured fabric with a flourish. Ron laughed with delight and became totally involved in his new persona, taking centre stage and entering fully into the role play.

We were having so much fun and the time passed quickly. However a glance at the clock told me that I would have to leave for my next appointment.  I reluctantly told Ron that it was time for me to go. He turned and looked at me with puzzlement and then stood very still and began to sing the first line of the twenty third psalm “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.…. …He paused and then came up to me and kissed me on the cheek.  I was very moved by his gesture and felt instantly privileged to be in his company and thankful that at last I had had the opportunity to spend some time with him.  Perhaps all the laughter and fun that we shared in that brief hour, had triggered memories of joyful connection in happier times .

Leonard and Ron were provided with their own rainbow coloured material and I later received reports that Ron spent many happy hours singing to himself in his room and inventing imaginary situations, wrapping the coloured material around him to match his mood. Realising that Leonard and Ron loved to tone, their support workers attended my introduction to toning Rainbow Chakra Tones course and discovered how to make the  chakra tones for themselves.  Ron was enrolled at a local sing along group and loved it.  Through colour and sound both Leonard and Ron found new enjoyment in their life.

The names have been changed to protect confidentiality. If you are interested in finding out more about the Rainbow Chakra Toning System please contact Jennifer at Email:

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