Ribbons of Light ~ Global Peace Meditation

Ribbons-of-Light“Nothing happens until something moves.”
Albert Einstein

Ribbons of Light is a project which connects individuals all over the globe to a weekly meditation focus, providing an opportunity for people to come together, wherever they may be and to focus a collective energy of peace through meditation. Science now confirms that positive thought affects environment. The effect is magnified when this is done with a collective focus and repeated.

More and more people are learning to meditate and the benefits for the individual are well-documented. Joining a meditation group offers support and helps in the development of a disciplined practice. Nowadays, people are increasingly gathering together to extend the benefits of meditation to others and to align the global energy to a higher vibration.  In this way, instead of feeling separate and helpless in the face of the troubles of the world, people feel empowered to provide a positive flow of energy for our shared planet Earth and the many places, people and life-forms in need of assistance.

It is important for us to understand that it is through working to transform our own energy that we will be able to contribute to the transformative power required to create a shift in the collective consciousness.  First of all, we need to bring peace and calm to our own being.  As we improve our own states of flow, we can connect with one another, with positive focus and intent, to assist the proper functioning of the whole.

The key is our own willingness to change, as our thoughts and feelings affect our energy systems and ripple out, interacting with the energy fields of others and the Earth.  Our own bodies rely on the proper functioning of numerous systems and processes and this is true of all forms of life and levels of existence. Everything is in relationship to everything else.  Every whole is part of a greater whole, which is part of something even greater. Atoms, beings, organizations, countries and planets are all interconnected.

When we perceive the earth as a being with an electromagnetic field, like ourselves, we begin to see the importance of being in harmony rather than conflict. The Earth has energy meridians, mirroring our own, which can be either flowing or blocked. As we develop an understanding of our intricate relationships with nature and the environment, we realise that energy exchanges are always taking place.

Planetary-Grid“The earth when viewed from above resembles a ball sewn from twelve pieces of skin.” Plato

Indigenous peoples seek to live in harmony with this system of power lines, or Song Lines, as they are known to the Australian Aborigines.  This wisdom is now returning to the West and many are choosing to attune to these circuits and connect to the planetary consciousness.

“We can unite in one mind, as citizens of planet earth.”  Masuru Emoto

Scientists are now warning that our very survival depends upon our willingness to change.  Such change will only come about through a realization that all life is conscious and interconnected; that when we hurt or damage other life-streams, we hurt ourselves.  The many challenges facing mankind at this time are a consequence of our refusal to accept and respect natural law, avoiding personal responsibility for our collective actions.

Everything is energy, vibrating at different speeds and varying levels of awareness.  Through our energy bands, we are connected to everything else.  Instead of feeling lost, confused or lonely, we can begin to recognize ourselves as spiritual beings, belonging to a family of spiritual beings.  We can connect with one another, with nature and the Earth and make a positive difference through Ribbons of Light.


Ribbons of Light provides a weekly focus for Global Peace, inviting all to meditate wherever they may be in the world, in their own local time, at any one of the hours of 3.00, 6.00, 9.00 or 12.00.  The aim is to provide a constant positive flow of energy, assisting those in need around the world.  Meditating at these times, on the quarters of the clock, carries great significance for the individual and the planet.

An insight is offered here by Sandra Lamb, whose Starlight project has been established to research the links between astrology, numerology and healing.

The Cross In Matter

The most individual points in an astrological chart are the four main angles: the Ascendant (Asc), the Descendant (Dsc), the Midheaven (MC) and the Imum Ceoli (IC).

The Ascendant
The Ascendant is the angle which was coming up over the Eastern horizon at the exact time of birth. It is also known as the Rising sign. The degree of the Ascendant changes every four minutes.  The Ascendant is as important as the Sun Sign. It influences the physical appearance and has a great influence on your personality. This is the horizontal line. It connects the soul to the physical world experience, which calls for it to communicate from its own personal experiences and understanding with others and their own personal experiences and understanding via the heart line horizontally.

The Midheaven (or Medium Coeli)
The Midheaven is the cusp of the tenth house at the moment of birth. This angle also affects how you present yourself to the world, like the Ascendant. It is also strongly associated with choice of career. This is the vertical line. It is the connection to the impulses from the Higher Self which flow down through the body through the crown chakra via the heart chakra down the to feet and connecting the soul to the Earth vertically.

The Descendant
The Descendant is the opposite of the Ascendant. It is the angle that was descending over the western horizon at the exact time of birth. The Descendant changes every four minutes and is concerned with the inner self or personal life. It also marks the cusp of the seventh house. As well as going some way towards defining the inner self, the Descendant shows how you relate to those close to you. It is the house of partnerships and marriage.

The Imum Coeli (or Nadir)
This point is opposite the Midheaven point. It is concerned with traditions, shelter, security, protection, and nurturing.  It represents your most private activities, the roots of being. This is the means by which the soul comes into contact with its karma as it walks the Earth.

These four points create the Cross in Matter, the cross that the soul bears in its physical incarnation.
It is the cross we bear.

The circle in the birth chart symbolises God, eternity, no beginning and no end, Alpha and Omega.


Dividing the circle in two halves horizontally represents the Earth and all it contains. It is the conscious state of the here and now, the actuality of life. It is symbolic of the feminine/matter principle. This is the axis of the Ascendant/Descendant established at the time of birth.

Horizontal Line

The vertical line represents God’s power descending upon Mankind from above, and from below Mankind’s aspirations to reach up to reunite with higher levels of being. It is symbolic of the masculine/spirit principle. This is the axis of the Midheaven/Imum Coeli. It is the direction in which we have to strive in order to most fully realise our potential. The Imum Coeli indicates how we draw upon the Earth’s resources in order to materialise ourself. When we place our feet on the Earth we connect with our past, present and future potentiality.

Vertical Line

The symbol of Manifestation and the Four Corners of the World is the Cross, symbolising our encounter with actual experience and our ability to take command and master life’s conflicts and challenges in order to bring them into harmony and balance.


The Circle of Infinity – enclosing the Cross of Matter – symbolises our capacity to encompass the spiritual and material realms and attain harmony and balance, which is the purpose of all of life’s experiences.

Cross In Circle


Ribbons of Light

Sandra Lamb, Starlight