Balloons Make Dreams Come True!

For as long as I can remember I’ve felt that my life is being guided and over the years I’ve had many experiences that have deepened this belief. I’ve learned over time that what have seemed to be chance events or meetings have often been important pointers to opportunities for changing the course of my life. As a result, whenever I have a choice to make regarding my next steps in life, I meditate and ask for a sign or a connection, in the belief that my request will be heard. I know that the answer will come to me in some form or other, so providing I remain alert and observant, I know I will be shown a signpost to help me keep to my life plan.

One such occasion occurred back in 2013. I had been out of work for several months awaiting major surgery and had decided that I needed a complete change of career. I felt that my next step should be to volunteer my time but had no idea where I might be able to do this and so I meditated and asked to be shown. A few days later, I was walking back from the local shop and in the distance I could see something red and round floating down the pavement. It didn’t deviate or drift onto the road, but remained on the pavement and I got a sense that it was heading in my direction.

As this red object came nearer I realised it was a balloon. I stopped to watch it as it didn’t seem to be floating randomly like an ordinary balloon. Suddenly, the thought popped into my head that this red balloon might be connected to my request and that if it stopped near my house, I should accept that it was a message for me.

As I got closer the balloon was just approaching the gateway to my house. It stopped there for a moment and then to my amazement, it began to float through the gateway and along the path. By the time I’d reached it, the balloon had travelled up the path and was resting midway between my front door and my neighbour’s house. Then all of a sudden it lifted, floated a few feet to the left and landed directly outside my front door! This stopped me in my tracks and my anticipation grew when I noticed that the balloon had writing on it. I was sure that this had to be a message for me and felt a real sense of excitement as I lifted the balloon to read the writing which said ‘Wallace and Gromit Children’s Charity’.

In that moment I was sure I had been given a clear prompt to volunteer to work with a children’s charity. This felt right and after acknowledging this answer to my request for guidance, I asked for the next step to be shown to me.

The next day I heard the postman posting our mail through the letterbox and I somehow knew that the next connection would be in the mail. On the door mat was a plastic charity bag from Martin House Children’s Hospice. I immediately turned to Google to find out more about this charity, feeling that a Children’s Hospice would be the perfect place to invest my time and energy.

It turned out that Martin House Children’s Hospice was located quite a distance from where I lived but my Google search had also brought up details of a similar organisation, Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, which was based only a few miles away.

I contacted Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice and after going though the interview process I began working in September 2013 as a volunteer receptionist. Following my recovery from surgery in 2014 I went on to become a Family Support Volunteer and it was whilst working in this role that I realised that this was what I wanted to do for a living. I successfully applied for a care team position and in May 2016 I started work as a Care Team member.

That red balloon led me to make the first step in a career change which has given me an immense amount of fulfilment. I love my job and feel it’s a privilege to be able to care for our children and families.

This experience, and others like it, has taught me to trust and believe that help is available to us all whenever we are uncertain about what to do. The signposts will be there if we choose to look for them, whether in the form of a chance encounter at a significant time, ‘so called’ coincidences and synchronicities, or some unusual event.

I know that if we ask, one way or another we will be shown the best way forward and I will always be grateful that I followed the message of the red balloon.