Ecology ~ The Music of Nature

Rainbow Light Trust is based Calderdale, West Yorkshire in the north of England.  We are very fortunate to be surrounded by nature’s garden in this ruggedly beautiful part of the UK.   It is always healing to be able to walk and sit quietly in nature, focusing on the sounds and sensations around us.  Looking at images of nature can revive the experience and inspire us when, for whatever reason, we are unable to be out of doors.  As we move through the cycles and seasons of our lives, we can draw strength from the natural environment.  Here are some links to blogs about the natural environment from members of Rainbow Light Trust:

Nature’s Healing Music

“In the present day, it would appear that the further we have moved away from nature and an understanding of her cycles, the greater the levels of stress we experience in our daily lives.  Taking recreational time in nature allows us to unwind and let these stresses and tensions dissolve away into the wind or a flowing stream.  When we pause to listen to the sounds of nature, we are hearing this constant yet ever changing song.  Nature can be a comforter and healer of our overactive minds if we will only sit for a while and allow ourselves to be soothed with the peaceful music of natural sounds ~ the wind rustling in the trees, the brook babbling down the hillside, the birds singing to one another or the animals communicating to each other.”

The Song of the Sunflower

“I will always remember walking in an enormous field of sunflowers, which towered over me and I stood for a long time, bathing in the golden glow.  I was mesmerized by the velvety petals, the intricate patterns of the seeds and the buzzing of the bees.  The huge sunflower heads were like a sea of faces, radiating brightness and warmth.  The song of the sunflower filled the whole landscape and kept me lingering there throughout the afternoon.  We store up such golden times in our memory bank and they can provide a focus for meditation.  Whether we are revisiting such a haven or imagining one, we can spend time there, restoring our spirit and receiving sustenance from the beauty of nature.  The splendour of the sunflower, reflecting the positive energy of the sun, is a great focus for meditation.  Its vibrancy mirrors the sun itself and seems to give us energy and power, lifting our spirits.”

Playing Harmonious Music in the Natural Environment

“This activity can help us gain a greater awareness and respect for our environment, including the rocks, rivers, trees, animals, birds, skies etc., which are all made up from the four elements of fire, air, water and earth.

Simply play a musical instrument or sing, hum or whistle out in the environment, focus on the surroundings, relax into the experience and observe yours and the natural world’s behaviour.”

The King of the Waters

“As I leaned on the canal lock, I ate an apple and gave a thought to all the people – and the trees – who had played a part in enabling me to sit here, taking a break. It is good to remember how much we owe to those who have gone before us and to the many people who are involved in everything around us.  The simple act of leaning on the canal lock to eat an apple was made possible by those who had built the structures and by the chain of people who had grown, harvested, transported, displayed and sold the fruit… I felt a sense of connection with so many people and processes, feeling that it is impossible for us to do anything in isolation, as the web of interactions is always so intricate.”

The Company of Trees

“The Japanese have a term Shinrin-yoku, which means “taking in the forest atmosphere”.  This ‘forest therapy’ has been developed after much research and it has been found that being among trees helps our immune systems, lowers heart and blood pressure and reduces stress hormones.  Forest bathing promotes the calming and rejuvenating benefits to be had by walking among trees, which has been found to reduce depression and boost energy.  The idea is to go to a forest and to simply sit or walk slowly; to relax, open up your senses and breathe. The medicine is just to be in the forest, not attempting to achieve anything.”

Playing Music for Global Peace

“Every week at Rainbow Light Trust, a new focus is uploaded for the Ribbons of Light global peace meditation.

I like the fact that anyone in the world can engage with Ribbons of Light throughout the week, wherever they are.

The meditation times are 3, 6, 9 or 12 o’clock local time, to keep an ongoing focus around the Earth.

I regularly connect by playing my harp at any one of these hours.”

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