Ecology ~ Nourishing the Senses


‘The Sensory Rainbow  is a sensory healing programme for children with profound and multiple handicaps.  Dynamic possibilities for healing are created through an understanding of energy flow, using colour, sound, music and creative play.

The manual is of interest to parents, teachers and health-care professionals.  The ideas within the manual also offer creative sensory opportunities for those working with adults with dementia or learning disabilities, who are struggling to make sense of their environment.

How aware are we?

Our senses are becoming dulled.  Babies and young children are closing their ears to what is around them as stress levels in families rise and noise and pollution contaminates the air waves.  We need to instil the desire to listen.  As children develop in the world they have to adapt their hearing to decode the sounds of their environment as they learn to listen, feel, respond to others and make sense of their world.  When did we last stop and listen to the song of a bird, or hear the rustle of the breeze in the trees, or the splash of a puddle?  When did we last notice the refracted image of a rainbow in a room or look up to see the blue of the sky?  Life is just too busy and our senses are fogged by our anxious minds.  By nourishing the senses, we awaken memories and feelings and our lives become richer as we connect to our hearts and the natural environment.


Scents and smells evoke many images and sensations.  The olfactory system senses and processes odours in the limbic system, one of the oldest and most vital parts of the brain which governs emotions, behaviour and memory storage.  The olfactory information also travels to the brain cortex or outer layer, where conscious thought occurs.  Smells and fragrances affect emotions and behaviour, invoking the deepest memories from the subconscious and transporting the child into another world.  The olfactory system is linked to hearing and communication, affecting our ability to listen and to speak.


Inspire in a child a love of nature and respect for the earth.  It has been scientifically proved that flowers and plants respond to our emotional state and offer healing energy to redress any imbalance and restore a sense of peace to our lives.  The frequency of the vibration of the flower names and fragrance will resonate with the emotions.  Select and place one fresh flower or a small bunch of flowers in the room next to the child.  Talk about the names of the flowers and the colours.  Do not assume that if the child cannot speak, this means that he or she cannot understand what you are saying.

Gently encourage the child to smell the fragrance and to reach out and softly touch the petals.  Note the response to different flowers to establish preferences.  Remember that flowers are healing, place the flowers on the table at mealtimes and fresh flowers in a child’s sick room to lift the spirits and improve health.

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