Spinning a Yarn

In Art and Alignment, I tell of different ways that art, writing and creative activities helped in my recovery from a life-threatening illness.  In the section called ‘The Object In Hand’, I describe how I was at home convalescing after a major operation and beginning to regain some energy.  I found that sitting in a chair, sewing bits of textiles together, which wasn’t something I would normally have done, was helping me to feel better.

I wasn’t fit to drive but was gradually recovering and one day I had a strong impulse to walk to the bottom of the hill and catch a bus to the next town.  There seemed to be a compelling reason to go there, although I had no particular aim in mind.


Near the bus stop, I saw a craft shop and went in.  There by the door was a basket of old-fashioned ‘knitting dollies’.  I remembered these from childhood and knew straight away that this was what I must have come for.  I bought one and crossed straight back over the road to catch the next bus home.  Although this would seem to be a minor expedition, in convalescence it was completely exhausting and felt like a heroic mission!


So it was that, for a while, I took up French Knitting. I gathered yarns and found it healing to handle them.  In making samples, the repetitive actions and the textures of the materials in my hands seemed to work a kind of magic.  I had discovered a past life in which I‘d had a strong affinity with textiles.  Now working with threads was helping me to release negative imprints from my energy field.  It brought elusive emotions into a tangible form, bypassing thoughts and words; it enabled me to connect to strengths and to a flow of creative energy.  I could feel the energy flowing through my heart and fingers and I trusted this process.  It seemed to provide a safe inner space for change to take place.  Here I was mending memories, gathering threads to guide me out of the depths and starting to weave a new narrative.  I had intuitively been led to participate in what I came to recognise was a gentle way for the life force to do some of its most wondrous work.

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