In Praise of Emerald Alignment

I came across this blog I wrote eleven years ago and then filed away.  I thought that it deserved an airing because everything has changed so much since that time and we find ourselves in challenging and troubled times .  Hopefully, if I can inspire one person to use the Emerald Alignment process to reduce their own stress levels and with a clearer mind, make more positive choices to find some meaning in their life,  posting it up will have been worthwhile.  Jennifer


When I was first introduced to healing I was on a quest to dispel self-doubt and discover the meaning of spirituality.  As a Speech and Language Generic Specialist working within the National Health Service in the UK, I managed a heavy caseload of adults and children with learning disabilities and impaired communication.  I was continually searching for new and creative ways of encouraging and improving communication without actually focusing on the adult or child’s specific speech or language difficulty.  This was because I believed that an orthodox, symptom focused approach exacerbated the problem and didn’t resolve it.  In a trial and error approach, I had found a way of engaging the adult or child in an enjoyable shared activity of their choice and noticed that when relaxed, they became less aware of their  specif difficulty and communication spontaneously improved. This isn’t rocket science but it wasn’t the prescriptive way I was expected to work.

However,  on the domestic front, my life was running out of control as I juggled a fulltime job with a troubled second marriage, five children from my first marriage and three visiting step daughters from my second marriage, as well as being actively involved in all aspects of theatre production, which was my first love.  I repeatedly lurched from one family crisis to another…..  In an effort to find some inner peace, I had read books on Buddhism and had practised several other meditation techniques without much success because my busy mind would interfere with any attempt to still my thoughts .

Fortunately, at this stage in my life and career, a colleague gave me the telephone number of Carol Lamb,an experienced and well respected trauma therapist .  At the end of my first healing appointment, Carol aligned and sealed my energy with an Emerald Alignment which she told me was an attunement to the source of energy that governs the body , this higher energetic frequency would, she said,  would begin to pull me back into alignment and stability.   The alignment process had an immediate effect and I instantly felt calmer and more relaxed.  Although I didn’t understand what was happening and couldn’t remember accurately the words Carol had used, I impetuously used my version of the alignment the very next day with my voice clients, who were suffering from stress related vocal difficulties.

I soon realised however, after several more healing appointments with Carol that I needed to focus on my own alignment and healing before endeavouring to take what I had learnt to my clients ( ‘physician heal thyself ‘).  I was determined to discipline myself to use the alignment on a daily basis as I had been instructed.  However initially, when trying to remember what I had to do, I found it difficult to  visualise  a beam of emerald light  entering my body through the crown of my head and travelling down my spine . When I closed my eyes I could only imagine an emerald beam in front of me and not in me.  Since that time I have realised that many people have difficulty visualising but I now realise that this doesn’t matter because a key principle of healing is ‘Energy Follows Thought’ and if we focus our attention on what we want to happen  the process will follow through.   I persevered and after several weeks, my ability to imagine drawing a beam of emerald light to the crown of my head , down my spine and into the earth between my feet dramatically improved.  This was in 1998, when the Emerald Alignment wasn’t as available via technology as it is now.

Concurrently I noticed, to my relief, that drama in my life was lessening as my emotional responses began to stabilise.  I was becoming less anxious and my head was clearer.  Previously at the end of a busy day, I had often felt that I was carrying a block of concrete on my shoulders and by the evening, I literally could barely turn my head from left to right.  The process of alignment was energising me, my senses were sharpening and I was becoming increasingly more aware of the vibratory colours of  the natural environment and the vegetation around me.  I  looked up at the sky on sunny days instead of being lost in my own thoughts and worries. With increased auditory awareness, I could now pay attention to the cry of an owl at dusk, the singing of the birds in the early morning,  the rustle of the wind in the trees and the splash of puddles on rainy days.

As my brain started to relax, I felt prompted to meditate and initially found it easier to meditate with others in a group, rather than alone and I attended a meditation group, within the spiritual community that Carol had founded, which included a guided visualisation.  At the end of the meditation, we  grounded and sealed our energy with an Emerald Alignment.   Encouraged by this process, I followed my  intuition more and more, the small intuitive voice inside me had been amplified and I was confident about the decisions I was making and was beginning to enjoy my life once more.  I also noticed that I was remembering my dreams, once I had begun to keep a notebook and pencil next to my bed and I would write them down on waking , recognising them as intuitive messages .

In early 1999,  I felt the need to make sense of what was happening to me, I wanted to understand the subtle energy system that envelops and governs the body and the process of energy flow and its impact on physical health. I enrolled on two Post Grad courses run by Carol Lamb .  Through the study of metaphysics and the first principles of healing , I accepted the continuity of consciousness and recognised the impact of imprinted memory from past experience on our beliefs, perception and behaviour. The transformative power of  the Emerald Alignment sustained me and enabled me to access a higher frequency of vibration and awareness.  Further training took me to a deeper understanding of the impact of memory, through past life work.

This helped me to recognise my own healing potential and inspired an interest in vibration and sound.   Through a direct experience of channelled guidance, as described in Carol’s book Born Remembering, I was given amazing insights into my work with adults with learning disabilities and children with special needs which I have since documented in my blogs.  I was also given a system of eight chakra tones linked to specific anatomical areas of the body, with a request to teach this effective system of self- help healing to all who would listen.  I previously knew nothing of toning and readily agreed and prepared a Rainbow Chakra Tones manual of this ancient and powerful method of healing with the voice . I subsequently passed this system of toning to  therapists and the general public through workshops and seminars. This inspired me to leave Speech and Language Therapy and set up my own holistic consultancy practice (Light Voice). I combined toning with energy alignment as a simple and effective self -help healing agent to restore confidence and impaired communication.  I kept a journal to document the extraordinary events that were occurring with my clients on a daily basis.

The Emerald Alignment is integrated into my daily routine and I have made many lifestyle choices and painful sacrifices that have enabled me to learn skills and realise goals and aspirations that I would not have thought possible.  I shall continue on this path of new discovery until I draw my last breath and will endeavour to pass what I have learnt to others through my online Tinnitus clinic and clinical research in partnership with  The Living Memory Research Trust