Principles Underpinning the Origins of Sound

Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates….. that all that we call Matter and Energy are but “modes of vibratory motion,” – The` Kybalion

‘We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls.  We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything.’ Gautama Buddha

Exploration into alchemical theory informs us that there is but one cosmic substance and the only apparent difference between any form of this cosmic substance is its different state of motion.  Alchemists postulated that matter is a consequence of a single pure ripple of vibration from the original Divine creative source.  This wave of frequency reverberates through space causing everything to vibrate at its own frequency or vibratory rate whether a cell within our body, a daisy, a tree, a stone or a star.  In our advanced technological age, we are able to look in at the universe and hear the hum of each starry cluster or planetary body.  These energy forms group together because of sympathetic resonance and cause ripples of harmonics across the cosmos, often referred to as ‘The Music of the Spheres’.  This is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies – the sun, moon, and planets as a form of music.  Pythagoras proposed that they all emit their own unique hum (orbital resonance) based on their orbital revolution.

Johannes Kepler, an astronomer and mathematician in the sixteenth century, realised that all states of motion were measurable and that the entire solar system could be viewed as a ‘tuned quantum structure’ (Martineau 2006).  Kepler’s vision was based on evidential facts of astronomical measurements, which reinforced the ancient view that each planet corresponds to a different note on a grand musical scale.  He demonstrated a correspondence between musical ratios and planetary velocities.  Seven musical notes were assigned to the seven heavenly bodies or planets and Pythagoras was able to correlate the intervals of the musical scale with simple numerical ratios.

pyramidThe Earth and the human body are both comprised of interconnecting channels, which carry the energy to its parts.  In the physical body these channels are called meridians, which carry the flow of energy from the chakras (energy centres) to the vital organs.  This energy is the life force, also known as chi or prana.  It is the activating force and if it is absent, death occurs.  Within the Earth’s structure these interconnecting energy channels are known as ley lines.  Sacred sites were strategically placed at the central hubs of this planetary grid system to maximise power effectively and that is why the great pyramid is placed at the central point of the Earth’s land mass.

Ancient Man realised that he was surrounded by invisible forces and used symbolism to express his relationship with these forces. These invisible forces were seen as a source of energy and power.  The ancients believed that life prospered and was sustained by contact with them. Man was pictorially represented in a framework of realms with the heavenly forces above and the earthly forces below.  To be in harmony with theses forces, one had to make a conscious effort to connect with them, to absorb their power and to put this power into action in daily life.  In this way, man was able to transform himself into a sensitive instrument, reawakening his intuitive knowledge to solve problems through a connection with the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother.  Traces of this teaching have been found in almost every country and religion.

These early peoples saw energy as a source of knowledge and harmony continually flowing to them from Father Spirit in the heavens and Mother Earth below, who nourished and sustained earthly life.

The Sacred Use of Sound

Ethnic groups used sound to connect to Mother Earth and to evoke reverence and oneness with nature. Ancient cultures in both the northern and southern hemispheres understood the law of vibration and the effect of sound upon their body, their community and their environment, particularly when focused effectively and this is the principle behind toning, which provides a means of creative expression, releasing tension and anxiety through simple vocal techniques to create specific sounds.



Exploration of the environment is encouraged within Aboriginal family groups and all generations learn together, sharing knowledge, socialising and expressing their daily life creatively through song and dance.  The Aborigines used song, chant and ancient ritual musical instruments as a means of communicating over long distances and they sing as they walk the Song Lines of the Earth’s meridians.

Maori chanting, brought to New Zealand by the original East Polynesian inhabitants of the country, had a deep cultural significance and was a vital part of ceremonial life and tribal gatherings.

The Amazonian Shamans and initiates used hallucinogenic substances and song to communicate with spirits, whereas tribal members communicated their position to each other in the rain forest through vibration by hitting the trunks of trees with their machetes.

Indigenous peoples worked with vibration, acknowledging it as a creative force with which to transform their lives.  They had a vast knowledge of crops soil and climatic conditions and understood the law of cycles and practised a communal way of life, sharing equally in everything.  Through cooperation and communal living, they generated a positive force field of energy and understood the basic tenet that like attracts like and each is held together within a common frequency of vibration. We are only too aware that a wave of dissonance in a group can destroy harmony.

Maori dance

Maori dance

The ethnic peoples who have maintained their connection to the Earth through thousands of years incorporated sound into their sacred rites and have retained the understanding that sound arises as a consequence of the movement of the ether.  Sound is a key element of their rituals, which conserve and maintain planetary energy through the subtle energy system of the Earth itself.

The Native American Indians, whose community was held together harmoniously by the creative force of a common positive goal, lived in mountains, deserts and on the shores of lakes and rivers.  They soon realised to their cost that the early European settlers, who were accustomed to owning land and claiming it, perceived nature as an obstacle or a commodity and had a materialistic view of land, animals and plants, viewing indigenous people as an obstacle or a resource.


The Hopi Indians believe that they have been entrusted with holding the balance of the planetary hub at the centre of the North American continent and use sacred chants and dance to maintain its energetic integrity.  By transforming themselves into more sensitive instruments they were able to receive and utilise these forces of energy from nature and the cosmos.  Their life focus was to harmonise this energy.


energyProven research reveals that the Earth renews its strata in a cycle of seven ages and the human body renews its cellular structure once every seven years.  Each mirrors the other.  The lower organs of the digestive tracts and the organs of reproduction correspond to the earth’s inner core and layer of magma and the respiratory organs (the lungs) the throat and the brain correspond to the higher energy of the Earth’s atmosphere.  The heart holds the balance between the two.  The human circulatory system corresponds to the network of oceans and rivers within the Earth.

Light energy is individually expressed as sound through speech.  Words were once appreciated as precious jewels of spoken thought clothed in a matrix of vibration.  All sound carries a momentum of power with a positive or negative charge and we are therefore each accountable for the right use of that energy, creating balance and harmony or imbalance and discord.

If practised regularly, the sequence of seven Rainbow Planetary Tones will begin to open and clear the channels linking your physical body to the flow of energy from the corresponding forces above and below and from the corresponding forces flowing to you from the natural environment and the cosmos.