Art and Alignment

‘Bright Flight’ ~ Louise Oliver
“When we see a bright color, we are witnessing our own inherent goodness.  
When we hear a beautiful sound, we are hearing our own inherent goodness.”
Chogyam Trungpa

Art and Alignment is a Special Interest Course, available through The Academy of Spiritual Sciences.  It is concerned with connection and expression.  The course includes a handbook, together with videos and illustrated articles, telling personal stories of healing through creativity from members and friends of Rainbow Light Trust.  The handbook gives a perspective on personal alignment and the soul journey, looking at the importance of strengthening our connection to our higher self and engaging with creativity and imagination.  Creative activity, when aligned with higher awareness, can bring the messages of the soul into physical expression and become a powerful force for healing.

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The Founding and Development of the Academy of Spiritual Sciences

In 1993, Carol Lamb was running an innovative holistic health care course for further education and with the help of one of her students who became a close colleague, had decided to establish a small therapy centre in the Yorkshire town of Sowerby Bridge, in Northern England, with the intention of offering past life therapy.  In 1994, during a therapy session with a client, Carol was contacted by a higher stream of consciousness in the form of direct communication from a guide.  To prove the authenticity of the communication, Carol asked questions of the guide that only she, herself could have answered.  In the conversation that ensued, she was told that the guide had passed through the veils from the higher realms to speak to her with the sole purpose of connecting individuals to their higher selves so that a divine blue print founded on spiritual law and spiritual principles, could manifest in the physical world.

As the guidance unfolded, Carol was informed that if instructions were followed and spiritual principles adhered to she would be instrumental in establishing international healing and teaching centres.  The Centres were to incorporate meditation groups, healing clinics, community outreach programmes, College courses and spiritual teaching.  Over time, these things came to pass but only because of Carol’s determination to commit to the guidance, whatever the cost and sacrifice to herself.

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earth-and-moonThe cycle of the Moon around the Earth takes approximately 27½ days, known as a sidereal month as it is the time it takes the Moon to return to a similar position among the stars.

The ecliptic is the apparent path of the Sun on its annual path across the sky.

A lunar mansion is a segment of the ecliptic, sometimes called a station or a house. The Moon moves through these mansions on its orbit around the Earth.

The Lunar Zodiac

The Zodiac consists of the 12 astrological Signs, from Aries through to Pisces and is strongly associated with the Sun. The Sun travels across the ecliptic (the imaginary path of the Sun across the sky), passing through the 12 astrological Signs. Each astrological Sign consists of 30 degrees, totalling the 350 degrees of the whole cycle.

There is a second, lunar zodiac. As the Moon is closer to the Earth, the lunar zodiac was traditionally thought to be more significant than the solar zodiac and closely connected to events occurring on the Earth.

The Moon completes its full circle, seen against the stars, in approximately 27½ days, which is known as a sidereal lunar month (sidereal meaning ‘of the stars’). Every culture acknowledges the lunar cycle.

The Western astrological tradition is strongly influenced by Arabic astrology, which uses the lunar cycle. The lunar cycle divides the circle into 28 sections, giving 12 degrees 51 minutes and 26 seconds to each lunar section (also known as Mansions).

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A long awaited pilgrimage

Billie Holiday Music touches our hearts when words fail.  It allows healing to take place by altering the vibrational field within a room. It can reduce the debilitating effect of a potentially stressful environment and lessens the impact of colds and ear infections during the early months of language acquisition. This research is documented in the Sensory Rainbow

Through music the senses are heightened and the ability to receive sensory stimulation is enhanced. In an attempt to establish musical preference or dislike, it is important to offer a wide choice of music which should include spiritual, popular, folk, romantic , classical , cultural indigenous music etc etc.  The individual’s personal choice will facilitate their relaxation and healing by helping them to painlessly release subconscious memory held at the cellular level within the auric field and the physical body.  Watch, wait and listen patiently for preference to be indicated through body language, eye movement, facial expression and vocalisation.

Clients with intractable conditions have often been referred to me as their last hope when other health professionals have withdrawn. This story is about a man who had been incarcerated in a large asylum hospital for many years before he was moved into community accommodation and subsequently referred to me because of self-harming behaviour and his lack of speech and mobility.

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Restoring Rosemary’s Reputation

Rosemary BrownI sometimes wonder how I managed to cope in pre-internet times. After all, if ever I want to find out about a particular topic, my first response is to ‘Google’ the name of an event, place or person. In most cases, Wikipedia features prominently amongst the search results and over the years this website has been a valuable resource to me whenever I want to fill in any gaps in my knowledge.

I recently began making a short video on the topic of channelling music and so turned to Wikipedia to check out some facts about Rosemary Brown, a woman who became famous in the mid 1960s when she told how she was in communication with famous composers of the past who had dictated new pieces of music for her. I was just a schoolboy at the time but took an interest in the story and so can remember reading the newspaper and magazine articles that emerged about this amazing claim as well as seeing Rosemary being interviewed on TV. I recall that many people were sceptical about these claims but she had a number of prominent supporters who were convinced by her account. It was their testimony that caused me to think that this barely-believable story might actually be true.

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Creative Change

Human Energy Fields

Every one of us emits an electromagnetic field.  These fields of energy and the information contained in them change according to what we are thinking and how we are feeling.

Our emotions affect not only our own nervous system but others around us in profound ways. Each person’s individual energy affects both the collective energy and the environment.


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Rainbow Light Connection


A woman followed her husband who followed the light from the north to the west, and then a little to the south to the Americas, where the light seemed brighter and more expansive.  But her daughter’s daughter looked back to the east, a little to the north, where the light had originated from, and saw how it still burned.  She acquired some wood from that place that had been made into a table and some chairs a long time ago.  Wood from the trees in Yorkshire that carried the vibration of the land.  She sat her children at this table, and on special occasions when she served food that had the name ‘Yorkshire’ in it – while they were sitting on these chairs – their bones felt the vibration of the wood.  At bedtime, she fed two of her daughters a story about Yorkshire, planting seeds, nourishing minds as well as bodies with a book that had the word ‘Heights’ in the title, suggesting a high up place.  Then she turned out the light and said goodnight, leaving them to dream. + Read More

Healing with Music: Never Assume Preferences

Man in shadowsA young Asian man who made occasional sounds was referred to me with a history of violence.  His parents and carers were subjected to regular attacks of spitting, scratching, pinching and biting.  When I first saw this man in his day care environment his body position was closed, his shoulders were hunched and he sat in a crossed leg position with his head down and eyes lowered.  His glances towards those around him were fleeting.  My initial assessment revealed cyclical triggers to his outbursts, which coincided with monthly shaving of his body hair in accordance with his faith.  Arif was terrified of the vibration of the clippers and the restraining of his father and brothers during this ordeal compounded his fear.  Arif’s emotional distress manifested in bowel problems which metaphysically relate to fear patterns, holding on to emotion and an inability or difficulty in expressing negative feelings.  Arif’s ‘key worker’ mirrored this pattern with a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome.

My weekly visits took place in Arif’s room in the presence of his male key worker and in our sessions I played a variety of music from all over the world including folk, classical, sacred and popular music from other cultures.  Through careful observation of utterances, facial expression and body language, we were eventually able to ascertain Arif’s musical preference.  The outcome of this observation taught me never to assume because Arif visibly relaxed and smiled when I played Handel’s Water Music    rather than music from his own culture.  His whole appearance changed from closed to open and from submissive to confident as he lifted his head, turned towards the music, unfolded his arms, straightened his body and uncurled his legs.  Encouraged by this reaction, which surprised us both, I asked Arif’s key worker to play this music quietly in Arif’s room and in the car on short journeys and I explained that we carry unreleased imprinted memory from early experiences in this life and from other lives we have lived which influences our belief system and colours our perception and behaviour. This piece of music was obviously empowering Arif and triggering a positive response which we needed to build on. + Read More

Cellular Memory Release through Vibrational Healing with the Harp


Scientific research has demonstrated that memory is stored within the body’s cells and may be conscious or subconscious.  In health, the subtle energy flows throughout the chakra system to the cells of the body.  However, following trauma or an accident etc., there is a reduction in this energetic flow, leading to an imbalance, which can surface as localised pain or discomfort.  Specific body positions can also ignite cellular memory, surfacing as physical pain, mental anxiety, or emotional upset.

Vibrational Healing with intuitively received harp music and energy alignment releases pain and discomfort to restore energetic flow within the body’s cells to positive health.  This therapy relaxes the mind and painlessly releases imprints of negative experience.

Case Study

Paul, a bus driver in his mid 50s, had volunteered to help the scouts on a rifle-shooting weekend three days prior to his therapy session.

Paul was left-handed but there were only right-handed rifles, so he used his right hand to shoot.  This brought up great pain and pins and needles in his right neck and shoulder.  On the Sunday, he shot left-handed even though it was a right-handed rifle, due to the pain.  The pain that had surfaced on the Saturday continued in Paul’s right neck and shoulder, even though he was not using it on the Sunday.  He also had a slight pain in his left middle and ring fingers, which had started 18 months earlier but had got worse in the past few days.

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Oasis offers listeners a place of rest and recuperation, to regenerate body and mind.  Here you can pause for a few moments of peace and calm and lay down your burdens for a short while.  Listeners are guided through a four-minute Emerald Alignment, followed by a harp meditation.    The Emerald Alignment is a practical, self-help method of energy field alignment, which can be used by people of all ages for healing, sealing and protecting the auric field.

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